Betting Systems – The start (part 2) – away wins

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Betting System – The start (part2)

I’ve always considered trying to find teams that win AWAY from home to be almost as elusive as finding eight draws. The fact that an Away win is the least likely event in your average match, doesn’t help, either. Finding value when you do find a potential winner is another story, too. Nevertheless, there are games that go the way of the visitors so hopefully I can point you in the direction of those that are worth backing.

These stats are of the odds (price) ranges that perform ABOVE normal expectations.
As always I’ll start with our own……

1.26  to  1.75
2.01  to  2.25      63.90%  winners expected within these price ranges.   

1.26  to  1.50
1.76  to  2.25
2.51  to  2.75      56.45%

2.26  TO  2.75      41.22%

1.26  TO  1.50
2.10  TO  2.25      64.72%.
3.01  TO  4.00      32.07%.
This small set of figures could well prove advantageous if a "stand alone" approach were to be employed.

1.51  TO  2.50      57.40%

1.51  TO  2.25
2.51  TO  3.00      48.04%.

1.51  TO  2.25      55.36%.

Next I’ll give details for a few leagues which run during the our Summer Break.

1.51  TO  2.50.     52.45%

1.26  TO  1.75      66.00%
2.01  TO  2.25      50.00%
2.51  TO  2.75      46.84%

The 1.26 to 1.75 must be viewed in isolation as they cover a very small number of games. Eighteen in total. Nevertheless the may well be worth thinking about.

1.51  TO  2.50      58.99%.

All stats must be viewed for what they are, a mathematical picture of previous events. However they do have a habit of recurring, year after year.

Away wins, and draws for that matter, are harder to predict than home wins. Irrespective of how good the teams may be. History is littered with results that "shouldn’t" have happened. It’s always the "nailed-on" cert that lets people down. This happens more often than realised.

Where possible I suggest steering clear of the  shorter priced teams, especially when they are in the first four places in the league table. They may well win their games but they don’t give VALUE. Similarly, I steer clear of backing against teams in the bottom four places, as they are often likely to cause an upset, especially when at home.

This way does restrict the number of games to choose from but as the teams you will be backing for or against are confined to middle reaches of the table, you’re much more likely to get VALUE  for your money.

Next time it’s the DRAW frequencies that come under scrutiny.