Cash Out option at Betfair returns great value on unpredictable teams

Aston Villa and Sunderland most value EPL side to cash out on


One great feature of online betting exchange Betfair is their cash out option on live betting. It is a tool which allows their customers to either lock in a profit, or minimize their losses with no regards to the final outcome of a match. If a backed team is winning a match for example, but you fear that they could get overturned come the final whistle, then you could cash out for some profit while they are up in the game.

Betfair have listed the most valuable clubs this season, the ones which punters could have cashed in the most on by using the Cash Out tool. Aston Villa have been one of those, because this season they have managed to pick up ten points after being behind in matches, and they have also lost seven points from winning positions.

They were at it twice last week. After finding themselves behind 2-0 within ten minutes of a Midlands derby against West Brom, the Villains admirably fought back to take a 4-3 win. On their trip to Everton on the weekend, they took a 1-0 lead in the game, but then blew their advantage inside the last fifteen minutes of the game. So if any punter who had had bets on Villa to win, could have cashed out say around the 70th minute mark for some profit.

In fact, punters at Betfair on the weekend who had placed money on a Villa away win, were able to cash out their bets for a £103.47 prize before Everton’s comeback.

There was one other come from behind win in the Premier League on the weekend, and that was from an unlikely source, Cardiff. The Welsh outfit struck back from being a goal down against Norwich, after Bluebirds boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer threw on-loan Wilfried Zaha into action as a first half substitute. Punters who had backed the Canaries for a win could have snapped up the opportunity to cash out on them for £54 when they were 1-0 up in the game.

It just goes to show the great value of the Cash Out tool available at betting exchange Betfair. The five most valuable teams in terms of Cash Out value this season have been Sunderland, Newcastle, Aston Villa, Stoke and Hull. The least valuable have been Swansea, Man United, Chelsea, Everton and Arsenal.