DISPUTES AND I.B.A.S. (Part 2) – Cyril’s betting advice (part 31)

Football Betting


The answer is that 99 times out of 100 the punter hasn’t read the rules or has mis-interpreted them.
Mostly this will occur with what the bookie likes to call his "Speciality Bets".
Many punters are unaware that when a bookie boasts "Treble odds ONE WINNER" in a Lucky Fifteen Bet, that this will most likely NOT apply to a Football Bet.
ALWAYS BE AWARE THAT CONCESSIONS FOR HORSE RACING BETS MAY BE JUST FOR HORSE RACING BETS ONLY. The reasoning behind this idea being that it’s easier to find winners backing greyhounds or in football matches or for that matter, in many other forms of sport betting. The concessions are really a "Come On" to the unwary.
Many bookies have their own "speciality bets". a sort of trade mark. Just make sure that you’re au fait with the special rules which will prevail.   

Jackpots and Placepots. Six race thru’ the card bets.
Another pitfall for the unwary. Back a single selection and if it’s a non-runner, you get your money back. However this doesn’t happen if you have a non-runner in a Placepot or Jackpot bet. A non runner in these bets is replaced by the  S.P. race favourite. Should there be joint or co-favourites then the one with the LOWEST racecard number becomes your selection for that particular race.
Now many people like to perm their selections in these two bets. This is often where problems arise. Simply from wrongly calculating the number of bets needed for staking purposes. Very simply starting at the top of the betting slip note how many selections there are for each race and just multiply these figures together. Quite a popular perm is two selections in each race. As there are Six races to be covered the maths work out at 2x2x2x2x2x2 which equals 64 lines to be staked.Sometimes you may wish to have a banker in one or more races. If so when multiplying the banker(s) simply count as a 1. So two bankers in a typical bet would reduce the bet to just 16 bets. This of course applies to both Placepots and Jackpots.
One other point to consider is that VERY OCCASIONALLY the chosen races will not be races 1 to 6 as is the norm. Where a race is unusual in some way. (The first race on Grand  National Day card, being a case in point), The Tote will usually start these bets fom the SECOND RACE ON THE CARD. So beware it doesn’t do any harm to check.

Forecasts and Tricasts. ALWAYS check the rules for these bets. While most large firms have virtually identical rules for them, there is always the chance of the odd difference.The INDEPENDENTS  must be watched as they often have their own exclusive rules especially regarding non-runners and LIMITS.When you think about the latter it’s not really surprising.

Football is fast encroaching into territory that used to be sacrosanct to horse-racing. year by year to amount bet on football is going up and up. Consequently disputes are going the same way.
the biggest problem I encountered was always "90 minutes play". This causes bother continually.
basically it’s easy to sort. If there are three quotes for a game, (for home win, away win and draw)
then it’s going to be decided over 90 minutes. Only two quotes, ( no draw quote), then it will be settled when there is an eventual winner.
Don’t forget, first and last goalscoreres also apply to 90 minutes only.
Any deviation from the 90 minute rules is ALWAYS made very clear.

I could carry on for many hours pointing out possible pitfalls but it is always up to the punter to be aware of any possible problem.
If you do have a gripe, take it up with the shop manager, first of all. However do remember, he only has a certain leeway to operate within. So don’t be annoyed if he refers you to his Area Office. Anyway, this will probably get you an answer to your dispute quicker than any thing else. DON’T GO AT IT LIKE A BULL  IN A CHINA SHOP, BECAUSE i ASSURE YOU, THIS WILL EXTEND YOUR DISPUTE TIME. I’ve been there, etc. etc.

One last point. The shop manager is bound by the Company Rules, just as you are, and he must settle your bet accordingly.