Don’t worry, make money with sports betting (part 4)

Football Betting


A few more Nuggets.


Wisdom is gained not by getting the right answer but by asking the right question.
Definitely applies to betting. Just think about it. Asking which team will win is never likely to get you a fortune.
Better to enquire which team is likeliest not to lose. Doesn’t seem to be much difference, but there is.


Things are never that bad that they can’t get worse.
Can’t they, just.

Definitely should be in every betting man’s notebook.
That system you’ve been following has a worst losing run of, say, 7. Funnily enough you’ve just had you’re seventh consecutive loser.
Can you expect a winner next bet? Doubtful. Sod’s Law goes to work here. Ask any old timer.
Systems with a losing run of 20 are not unheard of. And there are many worse than that.
When things are going badly, they definitely can get worse. And they usually do.
So be prepared to sit out a bad situation. if necessary. You can do worse.


When someone has a great day, backing winner after winner, Don’t get your back up.
Instead be happy for him. This will put you in a happier mood and happy punter are mor likely to be lucky punters, Than the other way around. 


When contemplating any bet we must make decisions. You know exactly what I’m getting at.
Decisions must be made, so we should ensure that they are logical and lead naturally to the next part of the equation.
Following any paths blindly is counter productive. Always ensure that the reason for making a certain choice follows on from an equally logical decision and will lead to more of the same.

What goes around, comes around. Something which we are taught at an early age in one form or another. Another form is " Do as you would be done by".
When you’re having a good day be prepared to share your knowledge with someone less fortunate. After all, it’s the bookie who will suffer, not you,and your reputation
will accrue  a few brownie points, too.


Does it only knock once?
Some people think so but others have a different outlook all together.
Hitting the jackpot for thousands might not happen ever day but you can make sure lightening strikes, and more than twice, with a good consistent method.
Of course the bugbear here is the bookie. He’ll want to make sure your opportunities are limited, so make sure you have more than one account. The more the better.
This way you can boost your own chances by way of Odds Comparison at your chosen accounts. You know it makes sense.


Not my cup of tea but some people, for whatever reasons, don’t have time to do their own researching or to make their own selections.
The solution is to join a pay service.
Here of course, you get what you pay for.
My answer, is to find a couple of like minded punters, friends, etc, and join the service you can most afford. As with everything in life
you will get what you pay for. Get the best you can.


Never set out to make your selections when in a bad mood. If you’re not in a good mood it will rub-off on your ability to make proper judgements.
A bad mood, equals losers.
If you’re depressed over something that’s fine but get it out of your system as soon as you can. Life’s short and you only get one shot at it.
This is one time when definitely, lightening doesn’t strike twice. Unfortunately.


Are we our own worst enemies when it comes to taking advice?
We seem to have a built-in block which prevents us from listening when someone tells us something we think we already know.
When someone offers advice REALLY LISTEN. Nine times out of ten it will be worthless to you but there is always the occasion when you
There is always someone out there who is better at something which we consider ourselves to know through and through. Just LISTEN it might well be
the way forward at a later date.


We all talk or read about staking and betting banks. However I don’t here about A "rainy day fund".
No matter how successful a punter you may be, there will come a time when you need some funds, urgently. What for doesn’t matter, but that time will come.
The answer build your own "trust fund". When you have a bet put a small percentage of the stake money into a Savings Account. Five percent of a £10.00 stake is only 50p. When you have a winning day put the same amount from your winnings in to the account.
It’s your BETTING FAILSAFE. Should you never need to use it in a hurry, think what it will look like when you hit retirement. That’s never far away, no matter how young you are.


Why dither about? Because it’s just natural.
It’s 0 – 0, twenty minutes to go, back the draw or lay it? This is where Sod’s Law looms large. Whatever your choice you’ll get it wrong. WHY?
There’s a wonderful book called, "FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT, ANYWAY". Take the advice in the title. Go with your gut instinct. 
Many times you’ll get it wrong but you’ll also find that the more you try it this way, the more you’ll find the right answer to the problem.
Stick to small stakes at first until your confidence builds. Just don’t get over ambitious, ‘cos Sod’s Law will be waiting for you if you do.


Got the result wrong? Join the club.
But who’s fault is it? It’s easy to blame everybody bar the real culprit.
When the match goes belly-up we need to find someone to take the blame. Can’t be our fault, can it? Bloggs missed a sitter. The linesman gave him offside
but he wasn’t. That was never a penalty. Always someone else’s blunders. Never our own.
When this happens the first question we should ask, is, " what did I contribute to the problem".
Get into the habit of taking a little of the blame when things go awry. Accept a little responsibility and you’ll appreciate that problems like charity, can
begin at home.

Bet with your head and not your heart.

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