Don’t worry, make money with sports betting (part 5)

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Which is most important to the punter? Wisdom is gained from your experiences. Hopefully when you make a mistake or an error of judgement this logs itself into your "journal" for future use. This is to me wisdom in it’s basic form.
I.Q. or INTELLIGENCE is the way in which you use statistics and other information from whatever source.
Put them together correctly and you have a lethal tool with which to challenge the bookies.


A funny thing to think about but "going into reverse", i.e. going back over the reasons you backed a certain team, in too much depth can be counter productive. The time can be better spent fine tuning your selection method. The more you dig to find reasons
for failure, the more you’ll find. Then what might well be a good method or strategy is reduced to the bare bones, when all that was needed was a little fine tuning.
This could be an instance when "MORE IS LESS".


Be aware that too much time can be spent over your hobby. Whatever it is. This does apply to winner finding too.
Too much "burning the midnight oil" etc, can lead to muddled thinking and your interest will wane.
Try to work out a schedule for study etc. Put in Coffee Breaks and don’t overdo it.  A regular programme of study will do more for winner finding than a haphazard approach to studying.


If you’re going to try something new do it NOW. Putting it off until tomorrow will downgrade it in your mind and when you do eventually get round to assessing it your mind won’t give it the attention it may well deserve.
There will always be "good" reasons for deferring the start but in reality if it’s a good thing you need to get on with it straight away.


A CHANGE IS AS GOOD AS A REST, so the saying goes.
This is something I really do go along with. Keep doing things in the same old way and you’ll get the same old answers.
Give the brain the same questions and it will give you the same old answers. However even if you only ask an old question in a different way your brain will accept the challenge.
Keeping to the old way you’ll eventually get bored and so will your brain.
So look at things from a different perspective, your brain will appreciate the fresh challenge.


Don’t be afraid to offer help to someone who isn’t as gifted as yourself.
This has a built-in plus, I know from my own experiences.
As we "teach" others, it is amazing how often we find our own knowledge expanding too. It’s a kind of showing off. we’ll "expand" a set of facts to make ourselves look that little bit superior. By doing so we’ll actually learn something from the experience. Think back and you’ll almost certainly find such an episode in your life.
So you’ll get the "Feel Good" effect and you’ll expand your knowledge too. Not every time of course but quite often.


This one word really sums up what it’s all about. Forget "WHO DARES WINS". It’s really "HE WHO PERSEVERS WINS". At least in this game.
Being successful in most businesses is a case of getting stuck-in and sticking at it. Taking the rough with the smooth not getting impatient.
Allocating a certain amount of time to the problems. SEEING THEM THROUGH. Not giving up. Learn to love what you’re doing. That way what was once a chore will be something to look forward to. Once you look forward to doing whatever needs doing, you’ll do it better. With better results.
Don’t believe me? Just give it a try.


The pessimist is a "realist". He looks at things from the "Safe" side. The optimist is supposed to be the opposite. Which side do we want in our betting life?
Sometimes the pessimst is just too safe. He thinks that any chance taking is almost certain to end in disaster. He expects this and isn’t disappointed when it happens. He expects the worst.
The optimist has a vastly different outlook. Nobody can predict future happenings but those with the healthier outlook do appear to have a more pleasing life.
The energy of life follows one of two paths. If you’re a pessimist it goes along at a snails pace assuring you get the results you expect. Very little.
The optimist’s energy moves at a faster pace wanting to get at the good things in life. Nuff said.
When making your selections try to select the teams that are of the OPTIMIST BREED. Jump on their bandwagon.


Choosing winners (and losers too), can be a very hard task. Enough to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. This is were it’s ideal to have a little sideline to look at. Something to lighten the load, even if only for a few minutes. Stop what you’re doing and get a coffee and biscuit and read a joke book (comic) for a few minute. Then back to work with renewed vigour.


In business everything is "used goods" the day after they are bought. (Buy a system and watch how it performs). Very used goods, most of them. 
The same applies to any system or strategy you use. The day after you first use it, it’s Used Goods.
Obviously you need to keep on looking for another method. After all two methods are better than one.
You can go on like this for ever. The idea being that you strive to find something that will be give excellent service despite being Used Goods.


Silly question. We all are.
However being too ambitious too soon can be a downfall.
This can be down to many things. Mostly however because we worry how others will see us.
We want to look good to others. How often do we inflate how much we’ve won. Just for vanity’s sake.
Where betting is concerned don’t be afraid to take small steps. Small stakes will mean small returns. So what? It will also mean small loses, if we’re unlucky.
Small steps to begin with, then slowly over time lengthen your betting stride. I’ll wager you’ll do better than the people you were trying to impress in the first place.
Here it’s a case of LESS IS MORE. In the long run.

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