A look at sports betting (part 6)

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice



When we first begin our tasks related to forecasting matches or other happenings within the match we tend to go at it like a bull at a gate. Simply because were full of enthusiasm. Like a little kid with a new toy.
Nothing is going to stop us hitting the big time. Until we see the days results.
As with any walk of life we need to crawl before we can walk.

We should be taking very furtive steps with out various systems and strategies.
Being over enthusiastic about things makes us blind to the small details which can be the difference between success and failure. others may think you scared for taking your time over what appear to be easy tasks. Don’t let that worry you.
This “game” is like a marathon. The first step is just that. The start on the road to success. Providing you don’t rush too quickly. Success favours the brave but also the methodical. Success isn’t easy. Those who might scoff at your slower pace will surely find out.


I read in a sports paper about someone who conducted a series of interviews with successful players and some not so successful players.
You know the difference. The snooker player who looks at the table and straight away plays his shot. Whilst other players seems to spend a lifetime deciding how to play the shot. Over time the quicker player is most likely to be the winner. (I know, I’ve seen the slower guys win too).
The lesson being that you can be too precise when analysing your strategy.
The goal is to try to strike a happy medium.


It’s always there. The temptation to raise your stakes after a winning day. Or even just one winning bet.
Whenever you’re betting to level stakes there will always be a temptation to raise your stakes. Sometimes after a winner but more often after a loser. Resist the temptation. If necessary, give the match itself a miss. Unplanned staking increases
are not for the long term winner.


When things don’t go the way you expect or the way you forecast, don’t throw your toys out of your pram. This is just another form of commiserating over “bad luck”. Or to be honest, bad judgement. Getting upset about getting a match result wrong and “harping on it”, will only enhance the feeling of defeat that you already have.
Look at it from a realistic point of view. You screwed-up but you should also learn from the mistake. Getting upset about a setback is negative. Negativity clouds the judgement and is helpful to no one.
Just put it down to experience. It won’t be the last time. Unfortunately. However we do live and learn.


God loves a trier, or so we are told. I think it was the great Gary Player who once said, “the harder I try the luckier I get”. These and many other sayings bear the same message in different forms. The answer to any problem we have is , WORK AT IT.
We can’t expect anyone else to do all the work for us. We need to “get are hands dirty” so to speak.
When trying to judge the outcome of a match we can access all forms of statistics at our finger tips, take into consideration the views of various pundits but the final decision is our own.
We must keep at it. The more we put into our deliberations and study, the more we’ll get out of it.


Many people appear to have good luck as if of right. It isn’t really like that though. These people seem to create their luck as if by magic. Again this isn’t so.
In my experience they are the people who put themselves about. They are the people who are into everything they can find about the subject they’re interested.
It’s no surprise to see these people getting things right. They actually earn what they get
by hard work and diligence. Don’t just sit on your backside and expect everything to come to you.
Do your bit and gradually you’ll find you’re getting luckier and luckier. When actually you’re just reaping the rewards of hard work and lengthy studying.


All work and no play. We all know what that means.
It does hold a lot of truth.
When applied to winner finding it can have the same effect as in any other outlet.
Too much time in one place will soon find us growing restless and getting a little short-tempered.
By all means study but try to make a timetable. Work to a system. Just make sure that you don’t spend too much time on one portion of your problem. When things start to pall find a short term diversion.


There is a book entitled, DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF.
Good advice to take, for has it says in the book, “It helps you keep your perspective and to maintain a light hearted nature and a positive outlook on life”.
Is it worth worrying over small problems? Worrying only makes them that much bigger thus inducing more worry.
The stuff Ulcers are made of.
We have so many things to do in our life that spending too much time on minute problems takes away a lot of our effectiveness to deal with things that really matter.
Is it such a big deal that Joe Bloggs spoiled your First Scorer bet when his side went on to win, just as you predicted?

The overall outcome much outweighs the smaller blip.
The way we relate to our problems decides how effective we are at overcoming them. Life is not the great big problem we envisage when we’re worn-out stressed and frustrated. When we’re like that we need to step back take a deep breathe and re-assess the situation. Like a second opinion at the doctors. The latter view will prove less important.
Try it. You’ll be much better for it and so will your forecasting.


This brings to an end my series of “nuggets”.
Some will seem to contradict others. That is how I view winner finding. It’s a case of using the best advice pertaining at the time. If you move forward and things alter then so be it. You need to be flexible.

Finally a word of warning/advice.
The English season is entering a most competitive stage. Unless it’s imperitive that you back teams in the top or bottom quarter of the table, DON’T. Stick to the middle half of the table were the teams have little or nothing to play for.
These should turn out to be more true-to-form than the other teams who are fighting for glory or against relegation.
Less chance of a real upset to spoil your wagers.

Bet safely and only use cash you can afford to lose.

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