Don’t worry, make money with sports betting (part 2)

Football Betting

More Nuggets of Wisdom.
Carrying on from last time.

The alternative to making your own selections is to Pay a Tipster.
This is obviously not everybody’s cup of tea but for the busy business man it’s a way around the problem. From the outset caution is needed. As almost everyone is aware it’s a jungle out there. And the paying punter is the prey. The unscrupulous are just waiting to pounce. I could give you a list of cons and they are all from known sources. Before you even consider joining any Pay Service check them out via one of the review Sites on the web. There are some excellent sites which are free to subscribe to. They really know their business and will prove most helpful in your quest.


When things go wrong how do you deal with the situation?
React and respond are quite similar in general use. However, react is stressful. React gets the adrenaline going. And that’s a way to grief. You feel under pressure, lose perspective, get annoyed, bothered and frustrated.
Not a good thing when you really want to find out where you went wrong.
To RESPOND, is to take a more measured view. Get your bearings, see the bigger picture. Don’t let it get personal.
Be calm be flexible. It’s a better way to review your selection procedure.


They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Rubbish. Too little knowledge is the danger. There are so many variables when weighing up form that it does pay to find as many solid reliable facts to include in your form
assessments. It’s no good believing that the new player will make a huge difference to a team. Wait until he’s had a few run-outs and then decide if it’s so. It’s no good thinking a referee will favour one side over another. The unbiased KNOWS that it isn’t so.
Always use known facts. Mights and maybes have no part in betting.


Newspaper and magazine correspondents are paid to give good advice. True, it doesn’t always work-out that way. However when some are having an off-day others will be filling their boots. So, get as many of these experts as you can on your side.
True it will cost a few bob to buy the relavent papers and mags but the more you can afford to buy the more expertise you’ll have at your fingertips.
There’s psychology involved here too. Surround yourself with success and it will rub-off on you. Ask any successful business man. Good fortune follows good fortune.
Some people are intimidated by success and/or successful people. Don’t be one of them. There’s nothing to be scared of.
Give it your best shot but take all the help you can get.


It’s not important that you’re not good at something, it is important that you realise that you’re not good at whatever it is.
Then whenever you have a doubt you can seek help from an appropriate quarter.
A good answer to this problem might be to find two, three or even four friends who also bet on football. pool your knowledge.
Work in the same way that a small co-operative works. Only, instead of a commodity, your stock-in-trade would be knowledge.
With four friends you’d probably have five selection methods. Fine tune and smooth out any rough edges. There’s safety in numbers.
So they say. In this scene there could plenty of gains for you all.


If things aren’t working in your favour you must be willing to change your approach.
If you go on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.
To get something positive from something negative you will have to change. Life won’t change to accommodate you. So you must do the changing. You can change the way you select your matches. Or the amount you stake per game. Or even the type of bet you make.
Make your changes bit by bit. Don’t throw everything away and employ a new strategy without being sure it’s an improvement on your old system.
Change can be traumatic, even in a betting environment.
Maybe you could call on friends for advice. They’ll be more than pleased to help you. Don’t think so. Just walk into any betting shop.
Everyone an expert and ready with advice. Just ask, but choose you quarry carefully. Nobody will refuse. It’s an ego thing.


In other words Bank Management.
You really must keep a close eye on all things monetary.
Always check and then double check any thing to do with betting money.
A composite record is a must.
It really is a case watching the pennies.
A slight mistake in staking can mushroom overtime. Especially if using a progreesive staking plan.
Never use money which will do more good elsewhere.


We all have those moments, from time to time, when we are INSPIRED. It can come in many guises but usually it’s a very strong hunch.
It’s surprising how often that hunch works out. So our next bet is also INSPIRED. At least we hope so. However usually any subsequent inspiration doesn’t cut the mustard.
Inspiration isn’t for betting men. Forget it.


Anyone who backs horses will be aware of the BOUNCE EFFECT.
A lot of space is given to it from time to time by various writers.
For the uninitiated this phenomenon refers to horses which without warning perform well above their usual level.
Next time out, most usually in a lower class race, it’s performance is well below what is expected of it.

Well it’s not something that is strictly allied to horse-racing.
The very same thing happens in football, but I’ve yet to see it mentioned in the regular press.
Recent occurrences are not scarce.
Arsenal beat Barcelona, yet their game against LEYTON ORIENT was a bit of a disaster and then followed defeat by Birmingham City when they were again heavy odds-on to win. The same has happened to Birmingham City. They beat Arsenal but lost their next game, at home, to lowly West Brom.
Also Liverpool beat Chelsea at the Bridge. Liverpool’s next game was a HOME DRAW to Wigan and then an away defeat to West Ham. 
Bouncers appear to be able to raise their game against the better sides. Then inexplicably find themselves falling to the standard of the lower placed sides.
Then there are the teams that seem to have the INDIAN SIGN over certain other sides. The BOUNCE EFFECT really comes to the fore here.


Your favourite form book and results sheet and a cup of tea.( O.K. then, a glass of beer). Time to reflect.
Sit back but don’t relax. This is the ideal time to run the rule over your latest series of bets.
Find out where, if at all you went wrong or if the new strategy was all it’s cracked-up to be.
No matter how busy you think you are, always find time to run the rule over your latest bets.
There will always be something you can learn. Even if it’s only what mistakes you’ve made. Hopefully you’ll learn how to avoid them in the future.


This little bit of advice seemed stupid to me when I first heard it. However on reflection it’s a good piece of advice.
LAUGH AT YOUR MISTAKES. Yes, that’s right. Laugh at them. The logic being that something which has made you laugh in the past will stick with you.
It will too. Once you’ve put the mistake behind you by dismissing it with a laugh, it won’t remain in your subconscious and keep bothering you.

Finally for this time,


Whenever you’re studying form sorting out your bets, DON’T FORGET YOUR STOMACH.
I know this sounds stupid on a betting blog but if your inner-self is happy you too will be in a better state of mind.
As they say, "IT’S ALL IN THE MIND".

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