Enhanced Odds on Multiples

Could this be the new Eldorado?

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

Regularly the big bookmakers are offering enhanced odds on doubles, trebles etc. Is it the good thing that it would appear to be and the bookies want us to think it is?
It can’t be coincidence that most of these offers are made to new customers.
There are, of course, restrictions. Most have a stake limit and Betfair pay the “enhanced” portion of the odds as “free bets” not in cash.
I’ve been checking today’s offers and, surprise, surprise two teams led to the bookies cleaning up, yet again. Arsenal, Man. City and Man. Utd. were available at the “come-on price” of 10/1. In other of today’s offerings Chelsea and Man. Utd. Were the main contenders. Tough luck for those who took the bait.

I’ve let a little time pass before checking more offers.
I don’t recommend these offers to anyone. The bookmaker really does his homework and the chance of making a fortune, or even a few quid are fairly remote.
There will be days when the bookmakers make a hash of it but not often enough to make this worth keeping in mind.

Remember, only bet with money you have to spare.