Exit Strategies for unexpacted In-Play Turn up

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

Something which annoys every punter is the unexpected turn of events in a match which we have carefully researched. We’ve gone over every possible outcome and decided on our bet. Then of course Sod’s Law raises it’s ugly head and we’re left with egg on our face and more seriously with a possible loss in the wallet.

We all need to have EXIT STRATEGIES for when the inevitable happens.

Probably the biggest headache in this category appears when we have a go at the Lay the Draw market. We have a match that shouts HOME WIN from the roof tops, an ideal match for Lay the Draw and just as it seems everything is going the way of the Home side, the Underdogs mount a counter attack and they pop one in the net. Oh Joy!

What can the poor punter do? Well he does have a few options. A lot depends on how much time there is left to play. Is it still the first half? If that’s the case such a HOME banker should be able to at least level the scores. No? However let’s not forget that we’ve backed for the match NOT to be a DRAW. Exactly the situation we now have. However all our research and study have told us that the last thing we expect is for the AWAY side to win. However, they’ve scored once and it’s always possible they’ll score again.

We can forget worrying if the underdog does score again. That would still leave us with a winning bet. What we have to worry about is the HOME side scoring and leaving the scores LEVEL. What we need to do is BACK the HOME team in the NEXT GOAL MARKET.

If there are no more goals we have our original bet home and dry. If the underdogs go mad and continue to score we’re again home and dry. The only bugbear is the FAVOURITE SCORING just one goal and the scores remain level. So a wager on the next goal market is our answer.

Of course there is always the possibility that the match could end up 2- 2. However just as long as the favourite scores the second goal of the match all is not lost. Especially a fair ampunt of our stake money.

Lay the Draw used to be the most popular of strategies. Unfortunately the betting big boys got a grip on it and soon the value started to drop as the bookies started to clip the odds on such a result. Now the punter has to be just as smart, if not a little smarter than the bookmaker and turn the shorter odds into his favour. Coming up with a snippet like this when things go wrong means that all is not lost. It does need a lot of diligence and ability to read a match but there is always that little thing called LUCK that has to be taken into account. At the right time.

An alternate strategy to backing NEXT GOALSCORER would be to go for the correct score of

1 – 1. Here again, if the favourites manage one goal it gets you out of the mire. More goals from either team and the original bet is still a winner. Except a most unlikely 2 – 2 draw or higher.


There is of course another fairly new innovation to take into consideraton. Especialy when things aren’t going he right way. CASH OUT. Many bookies now offer this great possibility. Used with common sense it can reduce possile losses to an amount which can be recovered without too much trouble. Also it can be a “get-out” with a profit when things start to look iffy. I’m sure you know what I have in mind.