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A lot of punters will be familiar with the Lucky 15 wager, which gets a lot of use in the world of horse racing betting. The Lucky 15 is a version of a full cover bet with the singles included. The Lucky 15 gets its name from is the fifteen separate bets that the bet consists of (4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a fourfold accumulator).

Because of the number of individual bets in a Lucky 15, it means that whatever stake that you want to play will be multiplied by 15. So if you wanted a £1 Lucky 15 then you would be striking a bet of £15 from your online betting account, say at online bookmaker Paddy Power. While there is an immense amount of coverage from a lucky fifteen, just one selection will guarantee a return, for some it may offer too big of an initial outlay risk.

The Patent Bet, which is available at online betting site Paddy Power offers a pretty good compromise for punters, because it lessens the outlay. The compromise there is of course that there are fewer bets being placed, just seven compared to the Lucky 15. Whereas the Lucky 15 is made up of four selections, the Patent is built from just the three selections. Landing three correct selections is an easier task than banging out four of course.

Because the Patent is also a full cover bet with singles, then the same scenario applies that you will only need one winning selection to guarantee a return to your account. If you were to head over to online betting site Paddy Power and place a Patent then you will be placing three singles, 3 doubles and a trouble, and that can still produce a lot of value for the lesser risk than playing off a Lucky 15.

Really the most of the value coming back from a Lucky 15 is going to come from the payout from the fourfold acca. Of course most bookmakers do offer double the odds payout if just one selection in the Lucky 15 turns up, but that doesn’t decrease the value of the Patent bet.

What you really need to compare the value of the Patent Bet with really the Trixie. The Patent is the next evolution of the Trixie as it is a Trixie Bet with the singles included. For the extra three bets (the three singles) that the Patent includes up from the Trixie Bet, there is a tremendous amount of value on offer.

It is straightforward to place a Patent Bet at online bookmaker Paddy Power. Just pick three selections, in this example, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal to all win their matches. At the bottom of the betting slip, there is the Betting Options where you will see the ability to build your selections into a Trixie or a Patent. Bookmakers will also allow you to build bankers into your multiples. A full explanation of Banker Bets can be found here.

Other great features to be found at online betting site Paddy Power are early Cash Out options, live betting and of course their fantastic array of money back specials. New customers registering an account with online betting site Paddy Power can get a free £50 bet. When you place your first stake with them, they will match it up with a free bet up to the maximum value of £50.