What is a Banker Bet and how to play one at Bet365

The 'Banker' - A cornerstone of betting success

Types of Bets

You’ve probably all heard the team of a “Banker” in football betting. This is a term generally used when a red hot favourite is expected to produce a win in a match. Say Real Madrid were playing Accrington Stanley. The Spaniards giants would be a banker to win.

Is there a drawback to picking a “banker”? Of course there is, they are so short priced that they are going to require a massive stake to return any kind of profit.

However, the term “Banker” is more applicable in online betting when you are building yourself a multiple bet. Why would you have a short priced option in a multiple that you are trying to land as big of a profit as you can from? Well think of the “banker” like this. It is the security blanket in your wager, the strong cornerstone upon which everything else depends. It is the potential backbone of some solid profit because of how likely it is to win.

Punters will pick a banker that they have immense confidence in, and slipping one into a multiple, let’s say a four fold for example, then it leaves you just three slightly riskier bets to build up the profit from, instead of trying to shoot for all four riskier bets.

Please have a look on the Bet365 site about topical offers and possibilities for bankers. It should not be very difficult too find. If you need some help anyway you can always reach out for the bet365 support.