Get an extra 10% on dividends with the new Tote+

10% dividend win boost through the Tote+ product

Bookmaker News have a new feature available to their customers and that is the Tote+. We take a look at what this new offering from the operator is.

Tote runs both horse racing and football betting pools such as the Scoop6 and Placepot products.

This long standing tradition of sports betting in the UK allows punters to look for value as their stake goes into a pool. All winning tickets on a given selection, gets a share of that pool.

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What is the difference between the Tote and Fixed Odds?

With Fixed odds betting you will be quoted a price by the bookmaker for your selection in a horse race. That’s all there is to it, you are playing what odds the bookie gives you.

In Tote betting all the money that is stake on entries in a race, goes into a pool.

If you pick the winning horse then the pool amount (minus deductions) will be claimed.

The total pot (minus deductions) will be divided between all the winning tickets that had backed the selection, otherwise known as a “dividend”.

The basic upshot is that Tote odds are calculated out by dividing the total pool by the number of winning tickets on the selection.

If you happen to land a winner, say an outsider which not many others had backed, then that means you would be sharing the pool with fewer other winning tickets.

What is the Tote Plus?

What the Tote are offering through this feature is an enhanced dividend and that is on all of their racing pools as well.

The extra dividend means that they will boost winning by 10%.

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How to play

The Tote Plus feature that the operator has applies only to bets placed via their Placepot app or at

Place a bet through one of those two channels and the offer is available.

That’s an advantage over placing a bet at home at one of the Tote’s betting partners or in a shop for example.

A great example of how much extra it could pay out can be seen at the 2021 Cheltenham Gold Cup.

The race was won by Minella Indo at a 9/1 SP.

The Tote dividend on that was £9.70 and with Tote+ that was a dividend return of £10.67.

Naturally the bigger the SP win, the bigger the payout.

The Festival’’ biggest winner Jeff Kidder at 80/1 in the Boodles Juvenile Handicap Hurdle took the Tote dividend from £76.60 to £84.26 with Tote+.

Is the Scoop 6 covered?

It is worth noting that the Scoop 6 is covered by this new product at

So if the jackpot is scooped then you will still claim a 10% dividend boost on it.

If for example, a £1m Scoop6 is landed thanks to a huge rollover, then you will still have an extra £100k put on top of that because of the feature.

Bet at Tote

Who can play the Tote Plus?

The feature is available to all customers who get a bet place through those applicable of channels. It’s automatically applied so the customer doesn’t have to do anything.

What about the Tote Guarantee?

The Tote Guarantee ensures that their prices are never beaten by the SP on win bets.

They guarantee to pay out at the bigger price if the Tote returns more and that applies to all UK and Irish races.

This is still applicable even with the Tote Plus in play as well.

If in the instance that you have been paid a Tote divided including the 10% boost and that is still less than the SP, Tote will top your winnings up to match the SP price.