How to cash out with Bet365

Cash Out offers great options


This information is based on our personal experiences with the Bet365 cash out feature in year 2014 and represents solely our opinion.

Control over your bets? Sounds like a dream come true, does it not? The cash out option on bets at bookmakers has become increasingly popular and it offers a great way to try and protect yourself with a little insurance that you have at your own control.

Online betting site Bet365 are one of the bookmakers around online that do offer the cash out option for your betting, but what exactly does it mean and how do you take the best advantage of it?

Usually when you get to strike your bet with a bookmaker, then you just have to sit and steep while you wait for the conclusion. But with the Cash Out option at Bet365, you have more control over your bet than that, because you can monitor theprogress of your bet and whenever you choose, you can Cash Out for some profit.

The natural caveat to this, is there is going to be lesser value taken on the cash out option than if you were to let it ride successfully to its conclusion. The amount offered by Bet365 on your bet to cash out will simply depend on how your selection(s) are doing. You could be offered a higher or lower value than what your original stake was. The point being, you may ask?

Advantage of early cash out on winning bet

Say you have backed an underdog to win match and they manage to score a goal in the 60th minute of the game and take the lead. You have options here of cashing out early, again for a lower price than your full 90 minute would be, or risk losing everything by expecting the underdogs to hang on for the final half hour.

It gives you that chance to walk away with something. It is risk-lessening. It can also basically minimize any potential loss if your think that the bet you are waiting on is unlikely to win.

Cash Out on Multiples

At Bet365 you can use the cash out option to great effect on multiple bets. Here is a classic scenario. You place a seven fold accumulator and the first five legs are all successful. Do you sweat it out are take a smaller profit, rather than risking it all? It may for some, depend on how risky the last two legs are, or some would just rather bank what they can rather than leaving it all to chance where favourites can sometimes lose.

The Cash Out option at Bet365 is available on select markets both pre-match and In-Play, on single and multiple bets, for a variety of sports including Soccer, Tennis, Horse Racing and Basketball. Any bets which are eligible for Cash Out will be displayed in the My Bets section so your slip and you can just monitor that section to see what amount is being offered for you to cash out early. Just click the button if you do want to take what is on offer, it is as simple as that, and your bet it settled.