Irish racing betting has a big weekend

Punters support Irish racing action

Bookmaker News

The decision to keep Irish racing going despite the outbreak of the coronavirus seems is doing wonders for bookmakers.

Bettors have been flocking to Irish racing as British racing is on shutdown at the moment.

Irish racing an oasis in streamlined action

So betting, in general, has become streamlined for punters and bookies alike. Even though Irish racing is behind closed doors at the moment, there has been a flood of activity on it from UK punters.

Over the weekend ITV broadcast five races from Thurles with an average of over 400,00 viewers tuning in.

Betfair announced that across four races from Thurles on Saturday, they saw an influx of bets that went over the £1m barrier.

Punters seek new markets

Punters are increasingly turning to new markets for betting, while most of the sporting world has gone into shutdown.

There was a lot of football action backed still on the weekend, even though top European Leagues by and large, are on furlough.

The Australian A-League has been the main focus for UK punters looking to get some football betting action done, and the kickoff of the new Belarusian Premier League over the weekend propped things up as well.

Ladbrokes announced that their biggest event of the weekend had been an A-League fixture between Western Sydney Wanderers and Sydney FC.

Punters are also leaning towards Australian Rules, Rugby League and bigger alternative markets live virtual betting, casino and bingo.