Know the rules of betting in betting shops! Tips & Advice

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

Know the rules of betting in betting shops! Tips & Advice

As we ease into another football season there will undoubtably be occasions when punter and bookmaker will
disagree over the outcome to a bet.
Whilst this is almost inevitable it can with a little bit of thought and effort be minimalised.
Most disagreements between punter and bookie come about mainly because the punter doesn’t read the bookmakers rules. The rules are there to guide both parties to an amicable conclusion should there be a dispute.
The first thing to remember is WRITE YOUR BET CLEARLY. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bet on football or racing
or whatever. WRITE IT CLEARLY.

If you want TO TAKE A PRICE  tell the cashier, make sure that THEY put the price on the slip and initial it.
When you have your receipt check that it is dated and timed and that the stake is correctly receipted.
Yet another problem that often arises is an incorrectly staked slip. REMEMBER it is YOUR responsibility to
see that the correct stake is taken for the slip. NOT the cashiers. If you overstake, the balance will be returned to you
whether the slip is a winning or losing one. If it is understaked the cash actually receipted on the slip will be invested
proportionately. Exactly how this is done will depend upon the number of bets on the slip. Each bookmaker will have
his own method of dealing with this situation. Contrary to popular belief, the bookmaker will try to arrive at settlement
that is fair to BOTH sides.

One thing that does lead to problems, unnecessarily, is wrongly timed or sometimes, untimed bets.
Any bet written on a slip should be timed. It will stop a lot of queries. Mis-spell a name but TIME IT and the odds are
on you to get due returns.
(RED ROBIN 2.30 W,  SHOULD READ RED ROBERT 2.30W. So long as there is not anything with a similar name you will
be paid out).
Timing bets really comes into it’s own when backing Dogs.  Almost ALL dog bets are for TRAP NUMBERS. You must get
your times spot-on. A mis-timed trap number will be voided.
Should you write a football bet on a slip, many punters do, it doesn’t hurt to time your selction(s). Just in case.

This is an area that can be fraught with pitfalls.
Always make certain that the bonus on offer refers to your bet(s).
Many bonuses are for a certain type of bet only.
Lucky 15, 31 etc. are almost always laiden with bonuses of varying degrees. However almost without exception there
will be restrictions as to which bets it will apply.
Unfortunately football bets seldom qualify for any of these bonuses.
In general only Horse-Racing bets will qualify for 100% of bookies bonuses.

There are some lists on the coupons which have restrictions regarding the maximum number of selections allowed
per line. Always remember, these restrictions STILL APPLY if you write your bets on ordinary betting slips.
Another thing to remember. Coupons are usually printed two weeks in advance. So it is not unusual for the bookies
to change the prices of some of the teams in light of more recent performances. Once again, it’s up to you to know about
these changes. So check the screens and ask the cashier.

Always read the bookies rules on this BLIGHT. If there is a Rule 4 deduction it WILL apply to the Winner and Placed
horses in that particular race.

These days bookies try to operate without limits on winnings. Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to ALL bets available.
Many of the smaller chains do have limits on what they regard as non-regular bets.
These will include DOG bets at tracks not on the shop commentary system. Also football bets which include sides
from the LESSER leagues.

Without doubt, most problems can be avoided if just a little thought and common sense is applied.
If in doubt ASK a member of staff. That’s what they are there for.

Fancy making  a few quid before the game even starts.
Why not try “scalping” a few ticks on a correct score. The ideal situation is a home team expected to score a few goals.
The likes of Chelsea, Man.U. and Arsenal spring to mind. Take an early price about, say, 1 – 0 and 2 – 0.  Both will usually
be available at about 7.0 or 7.5. Get on as soon as there is enough liquidity. A drop of 5 or 6 ticks is not unusual before kick-off.
Good Luck.