Matched Betting – Cyril’s betting advice (part 12)

Football Betting

Matched Betting with Free Bets – this practise is a device by Bookmakers to entice more customers. And why not? The more customers they get, the better it is for all concerned. Bookies and punters.

Always read the conditions of each free bet offer. You’ll nearly always be restricted to one free bet per household. The same restriction will apply to each P.C. So don’t be quick to show your mate how it’s done, on your P.C.  Show him, but on his own computer. Almost all bookies state that the free bet must be placed on an event where odds no lower than EVENS (2.0  decimal), are offered.

Matched Betting is simple.

To entice you to open an account your bookmaker will offer you a free bet up to a specific limit. Whatever you stake on your first bet, he will give you a bet of an identical stake, once your initial bet has been settled. Assuming you bet £25.00 on your first bet, the bookie will settle your bet and, usually, within 72 hours he will credit your account with £25.00. All nice and simple.

What we want to do is make good use of the free bet. To do this you also need an account with a Betting Exchange (i.e. Betfair).

The idea is simple. For your initial bet you BACK, with your hard-earned cash,  your selection with the bookie and LAY it with the exchange.(Again with your cash). Usually you will make a very minimal loss. This is quite acceptable. When your account has been credited for your free bet, you repeat the above sequence but this time you don’t use your own cash to finance your BACK bet, just for your LAY bet. Basically, you’re having four bets but only paying for three.

A fair example of such a bet would be;

Back bet £100 @ Evens (2.0)  Lay bet £100 @ 2.01  Lay bet wins, so you lose  £1.00
Back bet FREE @ evens         Lay Bet £100 @ 2.01  Lay bet wins, so you win   £199.00

On these four bets you’ve laid out £300. and been returned £398. A nice risk-free profit of £98. (Less the Exchanges commission).

The figures I’ve used are nice and easy to play with and I’ve used them just to show what can be done. There will always be variations but  your profit will always be there.

On some occasions
there will even be some nice little ARBS when you’re making your bets which will change that small possible loss, on the initial bet, into a small but acceptable win. Of course if an Arb presents itself for your second bet, fill your boots.

Thursday 4th December. Blue Square offered these Back odds. Betdaq Lay odds.
Macclesfield v Bury   Back Bury @ 2.63  and Lay  @ 2.53.   A nice little bit extra to be made.

This kind of opportunity whilst not being too regular, still isn’t rare.  You just need to spend a few minutes of your time looking.

And as to currently available free bet offers – you’ll always find them on our free bets page.