Ratings System – Cyril’s betting advice (part 6)

Football Betting

[continuation from Cyril’s betting advice part 5]

Now we want to match our ratings to what we hope will be odds which will be beneficial to our cause.

This will be simplistic as we start, but with experience you will be able to be more discerning in your awarding of points. Perhaps even using 1/2 points in some cases.

We will aportion prices in accordance with the rating figures.
Ratings                                Price Range.
90  – 100                              1/4    —     3/10
89  – 70                                1/3   —-     1/2
69  –  50                               8/15 —      4/6
49  –  30                               8/11  —      1/1
29  –  10                               11/10  —      2/1
Should a team get less than 10 pts. Don’t rate that match.

Now we need too find the team with the highest rating. At this point we are only interested in home teams that are rated higher than the away team.
Always start at 11/10. If the home team is up to 10pts clear then this is his expected starting price. For each difference of up to 10pts. raise the home teams starting position by one level. If a team is more than 40pts to the good, forget that match. The actual odds will be prohibitive and that is also the area were form upsets occur.
Please realise that this is just a very very simple way of trying to bring some realism and fun into forecasting. The rating ranges are large enough to allow for them to be broken down and matched with prices within the set ranges.  E.G. Rating  81 would equate to, roughly, 2/5.

This is not a system, per se. I’ve shown what I hope are workable parameters which will allow those amongst you who are adept at this type of thing, to tweak here and there and really make something you find useful in your quest for profit.
Depending on feedback, next week I’ll look at some Correct Score "systems"