Spread Betting (part 2) – Cyril’s betting advice (part 16)

Football Betting

The most popular market appears to be Shirt Numbers. You simply add together the shirt numbers of all goal scorers  in the match. Simple. NOT.
There are many variables in this market. First you need to know what the lineups are. So that you can try to decide who the likely scorers might be. You must also give thought to the possible substitutions.  Thses can make or break a good bet. Research is very necessary.

A few years back  a player named Akinbiyi, (spelling is probably wrong), joined a new club, (Crystal Palace?). Now this chap was a striker had usually wore number 10. However that was already allocated, so he chose what he considered the next best number. No not 11 but 55. 5 + 5 = 10. O.K.  So he was good at  maths. You can imagine what a spin that put the Market makers in. At the other end of the scale. A player joining a new club was photographed holding up his new colours. The shirt bore the number 68. The Market makers on seeing the picture, not unnaturally went "large" on the spread. When the teams appeared the new player was wearing not 68 but number 7. Now those who’d done their homework "sold" like mad, before the Spread Firms could rectify their mistake. The lesson being research every little fact you can.

Shirt numbers is popular but very volatile. What happens when number 4 is substituted by 26. Now if 26 is a renowned goalscorer what action do you take? Especially if you’ve "sold" the market. The opposite can happen when you’ve "bought"  and the star striker, 10 is taken off injured, and replaced by say, 3. These types of problems occur regularly but if you have done your research and laid out your plan properly, you’ll have an answer to the problem. Nevertheless. it is an exciting market, where you’re not worried about loyalties to players or club, as every goal counts, no matter who scores them. Of course if you get it right, the sky’s the limit.  

Another market that can be exciting without testing your loyalty is TOTAL CORNERS. In it’s simplest form you add together the number of corners won by both sides. A "normal" spread is 10 – 11.  Again research is necessary. Get two teams playing each other, who prefer "route one" and I doubt you’ll see many corners. However get two or even one team with a pair of wingers, sorry that should be, attacking mid-fielders, (just showing my age) and you can have a goal-fest. Just check the "corners won " figure for teams who prefer this way of playing.

Another version of "corners" is CROSS CORNERS.  This is where the corners from the first half are multiplied by the corners from the second half. Sounds easy. Well it is, until your get a "game of two halves". Say the first half is cornerless. ( It does happen and more often than you think). That’s your bet lost. 0 multiplied by any number is still 0. Similarly just one corner in a half can leave you wanting a large score in the other half, assumimg you’ve bought. Do the sum. 1 multiplied by ? is still ?
The final "corners" market is MIXED CORNERS. Again very simple. You multiply the corners, gained by both sides, together. However the previous warning hold good here, too. You’re looking for a nice spread of corners to each team. 1 to one team and 11 to the other will only get you 11. However if the 12 corners are evenly split, 6 apiece, they get you 36. 
Check your teams’ method of play, check the "average corners" for each team, and work from there. The watchword on Spread Markets, is RESEARCH.
These are just a few of the many enticing markets/spreads.  More anon.