Spread Betting (part 3) – Cyril’s betting advice (part 17)

Football Betting

There are so many markets to choose from.
First Goal Minutes has a few offshoots which can be very interesting and profitable.
The basic idea is very simple. You buy or sell the teams minutes up to the time the first goal goes in. The spread is usually around 38 – 41. Of course there are the peculiarities that apply to this market that, you need to master. Does one or other of the teams have a habit of scoring early? Does one of them have a defence that "slows down" as the game gets older? once again  you must do your homework. There is an extension to this market appropriately called Second Goal Minutes. Surprisingly it is exactly what it says on the tin. You chose to buy or sell the minutesf or the second goal. 

The Biggie amongst these markets is Total Goal Minutes. The minutes of each goal  are added together. No matter who scores the goals. Own Goals are included. The spread for this market will depend on the two teams. Todays Man U v Chelsea will be around 110 – 120. Notice the size of the spread. The bookies love this market. More often than not, the starting BUY price is overweighted.  
Now the thing about this market is the possible large make-ups. Two goals in the 90th minute, (not unheard of, due to"added time") makes for mouth-watering returns. So the guys that SELL must be very wary of picking the right type of game. Hopefully he will stick to tight games. Anything that looks like coming close to the 2.65 goals which can be expected in a Premiership game. Always assuming the two teams taking part have ambitions to "put one away early".
Basically, this market is usually set too high on the Buy, but the high rollers love it. However, choose carefully, and Selling can be a very lucrative option.    

Of course once again you must Research your games. Some teams have a habit of making the most of their opportunities against specific rivals. Two that spring to mind are Liverpool and Newcastle United. Get these two together and the goals flow. The last 27 games have ended with 17 having at least 3 goals. 4 and 5 are common place and 6 and even 7 have been known. Apply recent form to these figures and you’d know whether  to Buy or Sell. Wouldn’t you? 

You can, of course bet on the foreign leagues. Here again you need to apply yourself to solid study. Even basic facts will prove useful. Such as, how many goals do teams average in each league. Although they’re all playing the same game, these figures differ by up to half a goal per game, at least. In the present season, Serie A have an average per game of 2.47 whilst La Liga in Spain stand at 2.92 and the Dutch Eridivisie is 3.10. Little known facts but nevertheless they can prove crucial when it comes to putting you cash down. 

People seem to prefer to BUY goals rather than Sell them. I imagine that is because the one thing we like to see in a game is GOALS. In fact that’s really what we pay for  when we put our entrance fee down at the turnstile. It’s a much more optimistic way of life to expect to see things good happen. Whereas watching and hoping that an attack will break down because you’ve SOLD GOAL MINUTES, seems to be a completely alien way of life to the average football supporter in Britain. A little bit of advice to any would be Sellers. Don’t watch the game, go to your local and down a pint. At least if you come off worst, it won’t seem so bad.
Next time I ‘ll wrap up the Spread Betting and move on the other things.