Spread Betting (part 5) – Cyril’s betting advice (part 19)

Football Betting

Spread Betting Markets ( Cont’d).
Win, lose or draw. (or 25 – 10 – 0).
Probably the easiest market to make friends with.
You also know what your maximum liability will amount to, before the game starts.
This market has a few names. As well as those above it’s known as, The Win Index, the Pony, the "25". Probably a few more as well.

The market is set up as, Win = 25pts. Draw = 10pts Lose = 0pts. Each team in the match has it’s own "spread".
You know the "make-up" for each possible result before the game starts. An ideal spread for each team would be 12 – 13.     
Let’s assume your teams spread is 11.5 – 12.5. If you BUY you’re profit will be 12.5 if your team win. You BUY @ 12.5 and the win makes-up @ 25. Difference 12.5 times your stake unit
Should the game be a draw you would lose 2.5 times your stake unit. BUY @ 12.5, make-up @ 10 = – 2.5 stakes.
Should your team have an off day and get beaten the make-up would be 0. Your lose would be 12.5 times your stake unit.
 A recent game was Burnley  v  ‘Spurs. Burnley’s spread is 10  – 11.5  ‘Spurs’ 12 – 13.5. From these  spreads it can be assumed that a tight game was anticipated. In fact you couldn’t make money on Burnley, as their spread started at the Draw Mark-up of 10. A shrew move by the bookies. It didn’t come off though. In this game the "make-up" was Burnley 25, ‘Spurs 0. 
A good market in which to find your betting legs. Plus, you won’t lose too much, as the minimum stake is normally £1.
 Another market to test your knowledge of the teams abiltiy. You can stick with either team or depend on a "joint" effort.
 Points are awarded for Winning or Drawing. For goals, clean sheets and even corners. Yellow and red cards cause a deduction from any accrued points. 
Points awarded for various criteria are often different  bookie to bookie.
This is based on the PERFORMANCE figure of each team. The spread offers you the opportunity to decide which will be the better performing side.
With both the above markets, stake units start at only 50p.
The criteria awards are usually different to the last two markets. In addition there are points awarded for penalties being given.  Minimum stake for this market is usually 25p.
One word of warning. NEGATIVITY.
The performance markets can have a negative score.  Imagine your team are outplayed. Fail to even get one corner, never mind score a goal. Things get desperate and two yellows are followed by a red. In team Performance markets that would leave you MINUS 25pts but in Match Performance, MINUS 45pts. So beware.
There are so many markets that you really should take a look for yourself. You might just find one that really appeals to you way of betting.
Next time I’ll end this mini series by looking at the firms that offer these markets. There’s one little beauty that has real appeal for value for money.
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Again, I must stress I DO NOT receive any referral "!kick-back" from any links I suggest.
Betdaq are back on normal commision terms. However, a little bird whispers that a nicely worded e-mail asking if there is any possibilty of a reduced rate, may not go amiss. But no promises.