The best Asian handicap bookmakers

Best Asian Handicap bookmakers to boost your football wagers


There is always some football betting to be enjoyed somewhere. Whether it is during the action packed heavy-fixtures domestic seasons in Europe, to summer treats like the European Championships or the World Cup there is always something going on somewhere. Even the likes of the MLS in North America fills a great void during the European domestic break. So you are never ever going to be short of football betting opportunities whatever time of the year it is.

One of the most rapidly rising channels for football betting has been the arrival of Asian Handicap betting. While to some punters it remains an untapped well of potential, many have seen the huge advantages of betting Asian Handicap versus regular Handicaps. What is the difference? The Asian Handicap version eliminates any “push” outcome (a draw) which ruins regular Handicap bets. Let’s say you have a bet -2 regular handicap on Manchester United to win a match against Stoke, but the Red Devils only win 2-0. Your stake will have been lost because the Red Devils didn’t cover the spread.

However, if you had bet on a Manchester United -2 Asian Handicap and Manchester United won 2-0 then you would get your lost stake refunded. Asian handicap essentially cuts down the number of outcomes from win/draw/win to just win/win, eliminating the draw. So punters have a much more valuable closer shot of a 50% winning chance. Asian Handicap includes ½ and ¼ intervals which makes betting even more valuable. In the above instance, if you had backed Manchester United at -1.75 and they had won 2-0 then you would have gotten a half win back. So on an Asian Handicap of 0 through 0.50 half of the stake goes on the 0.5 handicap and the other half on the 0 handicap, so your stake basically gets split over two bets.

Not all bookmakers offer Asian Handicap betting, which is a perfect fit for football betting. So you are going to need to look around to find the best Asian Handicap bookmakers. Bet365 are one of the main exponents of the service, with a good history of offering the market to their customers. With the prices on offer to the rest of the football betting features that they offer, they are the stand out option for your Asian Handicap betting. As a recommendation of the best Asian Handicap bookmakers, Bet365 would have to top the charts. One thing which they are very good at in particular, is getting out early Asian Handicap prices on football matches, so you can plan well ahead.

Other great Asian Handicap bookmakers are Bet Victor, Paddy Power, Unibet and 888Sport. All of them offer Asian Handicap betting with Unibet in particular offering some fantastic value in their markets. It may take some time to get used to the Asian Handicap betting markets, but by putting in some time you will quickly be able to see the fantastic extra value and coverage that can be found in there.