The new NFL season is here and Paddy Power have new Fantasty bets

Bookie has a wide range of Fantasy Sports

Who hasn’t sat there playing a bit of fantasy football? It has become a really popular aside for punters. That dream of entering the world of being a football manager for a day. A lot of different fantasy football sites exist and with a set budget, you are charged with building say a Premier League or Champions League dream team. Then you get points awarded for performances.

The goal of it all being to try and top a Fantasy league.

With the start of the new NFL season, the focus on fantasy management has been ramped up. Bookmaker Paddy Power are offering a huge amount of Fantasy competitions to get stuck into with a range of new products.

Paddy Power Fantasy

There is now a really big Fantasy section available at Paddy Power. Last year Paddy Power Betfair bought up FanDuel, a site which popularised Fantasy betting between punters. US based FanDuel was in operation in the UK. It was however, withdrawn in 2017 because of financial problems.

But it has been revived through Paddy Power who give their UK customers access to the many different competitions available at FanDuel. It means that there is a really big fantasy experience to be had at Paddy Power, with cash riding on it.

How to Play

The basic premise (any sport) of Fantasy sports is to build yourself a fantasy team. You create a team of your choice. A dream team if you like, which you will be able to follow through the duration of the contest.

Your team can enter into one-day contests or ones that last a few days. So it gives a dynamic edge to fantasy betting. It means that you don’t have to wait an entire season to see if you have won a Fantasy league. You can play it round by round if you like.

You can just have your team sat in a season-long league, or you can send them into a one day duel against a team created by another player.  The ability to play directly against other competitors in short bursts of action and trying to take their money, is the FanDuel aspect of the whole set up,

The Sports

You think of fantasy football with UK soccer and the big NFL action from the USA. Those are the big sports and they are both covered in the Paddy Power Fantasy section. But you can also enjoy fantasy action on golf, baseball, hockey, tennis and basketball and more at Paddy Power.

The Competitions

You can choose different formats of competitions. So whether you fancy yourself as a golf fantasy pro, or a tennis fantasy pro you can dip into different competitions. Your dream team enters a league, even if that is just a Daily Fantasy Sports contest and if you can come out on top you win the pool. You are putting your Dream Team out there to do the business against other people’s version of a Dream Team.

You can create private leagues as well. That way you can compete against your friends and claim bragging rights there by topping the table. So a lot of punters are already going to be familiar with fantasy sports. Now at Paddy Power, you can do it competitively for money. You can just log in with your regular Paddy Power account to play.