The winning punters – Do you believe in luck?

How to win Football Betting

The winning punters – Do you believe in luck?

How about that bloke in the betting shop who always seems to be picking up a fistful of notes?
No matter what he backs he always seems to have better luck that the other guys.
But does he? Is he really luckier  than everybody else?  I don’t believe so.
Unless you think that having all the time in the world to spend studying form, is lucky.
I really believe that you make your own luck in betting. By studying form as often and as diligently as you can.Is it just coincidence that the people who really study the most are the most proficient when it comes to finding those elusive winners?
During my time in betting shops, I’ve watched all types of punter trying to make that Big Hit. It hardly ever happens.
The most I ever paid out for a single bet is £11,655.  That was for a £10. Lucky Fifteen. I can’t remember paying out over a GRAND on more than three occasion. And that’s in over forty years as a Manager and Supervisor. It’s a hard job winning, no matter what your sport is.

All the biggish payments I made were to people who believed in STUDYING.
Not the kind of studying you see punters doing in the shops. How can you study when you’ve got the blower going in your ear almost every minute you’re in the shop? Iust think what you’re being distracted by. Numbers games, racing from South Africa, cartoon racing and cartoon dogs. No I mean real studying, after the betting shop has closed . Seated at the desk form books to hand, the next days runners or footy matches on the PC screen. Not for this guy the Hunch, or "they’re due a win" or anything like that. He’ll burn the proverbial Midnight Oil to give himself something to work on the next day. This kind of guy will give the bookie more to think about than your "bet in every race" punter.

Now most of us don’t have the amount of spare time that would help make us a much better punter. But I know a  man who does.
This guy is Mike Lindley as he’s been kind enough to let me show you some of his expertise.
Mile runs a site called WINABOBATOO. Part of the site is "Membership Only". You won’t be able to join as the Members List is fully subscribed. When you see his site you’ll realise why. So don’t twiddle your thumbs, go have a look at Mikes site and read, read and read again. What this chap doesn’t know about football forecasting isn’t worth knowing.

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