2012 White Christmas Betting Odds offer prospect of UK winter cheer

Snowfall hopes raised following prediction that winter could be colder than average

Molineux stadion (Wolves)

Odds of a White Christmas 2012 are already doing the rounds in the UK, as online bookmaker William Hill are already offering some great odds in the Weather Specials market. The last White Christmas in the UK was officially back in 2010 and while many perceive a White Christmas waking up on December 25th and seeing a blanket of white on the ground, it is not. So what are we looking at? Just a single snowflake has to fall on a specified location for it to be deemed a White Christmas on which odds for White Christmas 2012 will be paid out at. So you don’t need to have the car disappear under a snow drift or to have enough of the white stuff to build a snowman soccer team in the back yard. It just needs a single snowflake.

According to the Met Office in the UK, there is far more chance of snow coming between January and March than in December. There is on average, just five days on which snow falls during the month of December, compared to an average of seven and a half days in January.Still, that doesn’t rule out the chances of there being one, and that admission helps to keep prices very healthy. White Christmas odds 2012 is a market in which you are going to benefit from taking an early wager on. That is because the Met Office should accurately know around five days in advance whether there is likely to be a White Christmas. If they announce that there is a high chance, then bookies will be slashing their odds and ruining your Christmas cheer.

Back in October, British Weather Services’ senior meteorologist Jim Dale said that ‘We’re forecasting a colder than average period from mid-November to late January, with significant snow at times, particularly in the north and east, but with London also seeing snow. Minimum temperatures are expected to fall to about -10C in southern England and -18C in parts of Scotland.


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So there really could be some good value in looking at odds on White Christmas 2012 at online bookmaker William Hill. Now, this isn’t just as straightforward as seeing a snowflake hit the ground as you chew on your Christmas turkey. The snowfall has to hit certain locations. For London (at a price of 6/1) it has to be recorded at Buckingham Palace.

Other English destinations (including the William Hill Office in Leeds), the Birmingham Bullring and the Liverpool Albert Docks are all trading at a price of 6/1 with online bookmaker William Hill in White Christmas Odds 2012. Newcastle (Albemarle) is in shorter at 5/1. Scottish destinations are the favourites in odds for a White Christmas 2012, with Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow being quoted around 4/1. Over in Ireland, Belfast Airport is in at 5/1, with Dublin Airport at 6/1, with the southerly Welsh capital of Cardiff (the Millennium Stadium) the longest shot at 7/1.

With Weatherweb saying that “Cold is the main feature of this winter,” will the bookies be keeping their hands warm by having to dig deep in their pockets to pay out on winning White Christmas odds 2012 wagers? There is decent value around for a market which demands an early toss of a snowball covered bet. Online bookmaker William Hill offer new customers up to a £25 free bet for registering an account, in a generous welcome bonus.