A Little Early Trading

Trading at Betting Exchanges

Trading before a match starts isn’t the most popular of strategies but it is gaining in popularity day by day. And why not, it can be a source of many successful trades if done correctly.?

The basics of pre-match trading is to back at a bigger price than you LAY at. There will never be very big differences in these prices but there will be enough if you tread carefully. The beauty of the strategy is that you can BACK first and then LAY when opportune or LAY first and then BACK later. League games are the bread and butter of trading but cup games sometimes offer good chances. It is ideal for traders who are prepared to make a small profit but regularly. The main thing is properly chosen games could well lead to a nice little second income.

Cup matches offer a good chance because there will always be Ante-post betting. As an example. Earlier I backed WOLVES at 15.0 to win the F.A. Cup. After the last round bar one but before the draw for the quarter finals I LAYED Wolves at 8.4 A no lose situation. The only draw back is I have to wait until Wolves either win the cup or are beaten.

The best way to calculate your stakes is via a calculator. An excellent one can be found at Oddschecker. This method of trading won’t make you a millionaire overnight but it will enable you to grow your bank at a steady rate. Remember a trader wants to make a profit, however small, or at least if a loss is inevitable, only make a small loss.

Pre-match trading isn’t for everyone because you really must choose your games with care. Find a very good stats site and devour every single fact you can choosing games to trade on is an art. You are the artist.

An alternative to pre-match trading is In-play trading. This calls for split second timing and nerves of steel. More of that later.

Don’t forget. Only play with money you can afford to do without.