The Stake Back Plan

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How to Bet without Spending a Penny

If we told you that there is a way to bet without putting your hands in your pockets, then you might think that we were pulling your leg. Well, that is exactly what we intend to show you in this article about the stake back plan.

This betting strategy is incredibly simple and, if done right, punters could see their profits grow exponentially. All without having to spend a penny.

As with most strategies in sports betting, it doesn’t work every time. That said, a well-implemented stake back plan can add plenty of intrigue to a week of sporting fixtures. So how exactly does it work and how lucrative can it really be?

How does it work?


In theory, the stake back plan is one of the easiest betting strategies out there. The underlying principle is to make two consecutive winning bets, placing the winnings from the previous bet on the next bet. Very easy, in theory.

Here is an example of what a simple stake back bet might look like:

  1. On Saturday afternoon, place a £5 stake on Burnley to beat Crystal Palace at 19/10 to return £14.50.
  2. Pocket the original £5 bet, that’s yours to keep… £14.50 – £5 = £9.50.
  3. On Sunday afternoon, place the £9.50 profit on Tottenham to beat Arsenal at 12/5 to return £32.30.
  4. If all goes well, you have an overall profit of £32.30 without having parted with a single penny.

It might seem obvious to point this out, but the stake back plan can only be implemented on sporting fixtures that occur at different times. So, there’s no point in looking at two selections from the 3pm KO schedule on a Saturday afternoon.

Picking the right bet

Picking two winning bets in a row might sound simple – you just need to back two heavy favourites, right? Well that is certainly one way to go about it. But if you really want to make stake back plan worthwhile, you will have to get a bit adventurous with your selections.

Take this as an example:

  1. Bet £5 on Man City to beat Middlesbrough at 1/4 pays back £6.25.
  2. £6.25 – £5 = £1.25.
  3. Bet £1.25 on Liverpool to beat Watford at 3/10 pays back £1.62.

Let’s face it, you don’t need to be a betting genius to realise that both of those selections are likely to win. You also don’t need to be a punting mastermind to know that overall profit of £1.62 from a £5 stake is not really worth the bother, no matter how low the risk might be.

Stepping stones

On the flip side, it would be foolhardy to go into a stake back plan with two complete long shots. Some punters might not even fancy taking on two odds that are close to or just over even odds for that matter.

There is a way to get around this; consider a stepping stones approach to the strategy. In other words, you go into the first bet backing a relative favourite at odds around 1/2. If that bet comes home – which most of the time it should – then you have half of your original outlay as a free stake to place on a riskier selection.

This stake back plan might look something like this:

  1. Place £5 on Chelsea to beat Everton at 4/7 to return £7.85.
  2. £7.85 – £5 = £2.85.
  3. Place £2.85 on West Brom to beat Leicester at 4/1 to return £14.25.

Nothing is a dead cert when it comes to betting on sport but this approach to the stake back plan is a fairly good way to all but guarantee a second bet that is essentially free.

Winning streak

In its simplest form, punters simply need to nail those 2 consecutive bets for the stake back plan to work. But where’s the fun in that when you can increase your profits by keeping the run going?

We’re not talking about going on a 10 bet winning streak, because that’s the stuff that dreams are made of. But just imagine what could happen if you kept banking your stakes from a run of successful bets. This would give you the chance to exponentially grow your profits safe in the knowledge that, ultimately, each consecutive bet isn’t costing you a dime.

Besides from the potential monetary gains, this would be a pretty fun betting challenge to try out during any average week of footballing action. Starting with regular League games at the weekend and going into the usual midweek European fixtures, lower-league games or cup matches, punters can easily pick out four or five selections in the hope that they will all return some winnings. Every time that a bet is successful, you know drill: pocket the stake and use the profit to go on to the next bet.

Here’s a sample stake back plan that we drew up from a week’s worth of footballing action, taking five selections with odds that aren’t overly adventurous.

Match day Selection Odds Stake Winnings Amount to withdraw Stake for next bet Running profit

Premier League

Chelsea to beat Everton 4/7 £5.00 £7.85 £5.00 £2.85 £0.00

Premier League

Arsenal and Tottenham to draw 5/2 £2.85 £9.97 £2.85 £7.12 £2.85

Champions League

Manchester City to beat Barcelona 7/4 £7.12 £19.58 £7.12 £12.46 £9.97

Champions League

Leicester to beat FC Copenhagen 12/5 £12.46 £42.36 £12.46 £29.90 £22.43

Europa League

Fenerbahce to beat Man Utd 15/8 £29.90 £85.96 £29.90 £0.00 £108.39

As you can see, the profits keep rolling in with each successful bet in the sequence, meaning that bettors can keeping putting more and more money into their own pockets instead of vice versa.

Here are some rules to stick to:

  1. Pick one game per day: don’t get too carried away by selecting odds on early and later kick-offs in the same day. Keep it simple and dedicate your time to swatting up on the stats and researching the best odds for the daily games instead.
  2. If one bet loses, stop. It would defeat the purpose of the stake back plan if you go ahead and chase losses with your own money. Regroup and wait until the next week of fixtures until you try again.
  3. Withdraw your stake after each bet, don’t leave it there to be forgotten about.
  4. Have a good idea of which odds you are comfortable with and stick to them. Don’t let a run of consecutive wins tempt you into placing a bet that you would never dream of in a normal scenario.

Pick the sports that happen day in, day out

We’ve used football matches as an example of how to go about a stake back betting strategy but that doesn’t mean that you have to. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of other sports out there which lend themselves to the plan, especially if you want to attempt a stake back winning streak.

With meetings pretty much every day of the week and every day of the year, Horse Racing is a great option for a stake back plan. As long as punters heed by the rules and don’t venture out of their depth – stick to small running fields and keep the odds relatively middle of the road – then there is every chance that their winnings could run away into triple figures. Tennis is also a good shout thanks to the frequency of ATP and WTA tour events around the world.