A Little More Trading

Trading at Betting Exchanges

The more I read about trading football matches, the more I across different ways to Lay the Draw. Obviously there are numerous names given to the various methods out there. Lay the Draw Reloaded, Lay the Draw Revisited, Lay the Draw This, Lay the Draw That. Any more for any more? All of them have different ways for selecting their matches to trade.

Keep selections to the top five or six in the league when they are playing one of the lower sides. Use a match where two middle of the table sides are playing. Only consider teams matches where the home side is odds-on. Don’t consider any match where the draw is over 4.5 to Lay. Only start a trade at or after Half-time where the score is favorable. Use Head to Head stats to determine when goals are likely to come and decide when to enter a trade using these stats. Any of these methods can be expanded on. Some of them can be joined together.

I did however come across a rather vague method of trading. In it a single goal, or more, will realize a GREEN trade. The trade can be started before the kick-off or held over until half-time providing there has been a goal-less first half. The method is quite simple. LAY 0 – 0 and BACK OVER 1.5 goals. A single goal gives a GREEN-UP on the 0 – 0 lay. A second goal gives a further GREEN on the second part of` the trade.

A little research of Head-to-Head is suggested. Game where goals are plentiful often repeat. If more than 25% of previous game shave been goal-less give that gamer a miss. There must be other methods of trading but they are hidden and require a little bit of work to be undertaken to unearth them.
More trading to come.