Bernie Sanders cut to odds-on favourite to be Democrat Candidate

Sanders strengthens towards being Democrat nomination

Bernie Sanders /America ©imago images / ZUMA Press 24.02.2020

After a win at the Nevada caucus, Bernie Sanders is now the frontrunner to be the Democratic Candidate in the 2020 Presidential election. Sanders took over 40% of the vote in Nevada and the Vermont Senator is going to take some catching from here.

Democrat Candidate Odds*

Bernie Sanders 4/6
Michael Bloomberg 3/1
Pete Buttigieg 8/1
Joe Biden 8/1
Elizabeth Warren 40/1
* (betting odds taken from Bet365 on February 23rd, 2020 at 20:59)

Sanders strengthens position

Before the Nevada caucus, Sanders was the favourite to get the nod as the Democrat candidate in this year’s election.

Sanders is a self-proclaimed Domestic Socialist is now in as 4/6 favourite* (betting odds taken from Bet365 on February 23rd, 2020 at 20:59).

While he is floating around out on the left, his more centrist rivals are just splitting voting. That is helping Sanders in his cause to stand in the next election.

Former US vice president Joe Biden finished second to Sanders in Nevada, a marked improvement for Biden who had had a tough time of things in a previous couple of causes this year.

Pete Buttigieg was third in the race with Elizabeth Warren coming home fourth of the main candidates. Micahel Bloomberg, who is a late entrant to the Democratic race, hadn’t arrived on the scene early enough to get himself onto the Nevada caucuses ballot.

Super Tuesday fast approaching

A series of votes across the country at caucuses and primaries will determine who stands at the Democrat Candidate in the 2020 election. Next weekend there will be the South Carolina primary and then things heat up with Super Tuesday coming on March 14th. Fourteen different states will be going to the polls in the Democratic nomination race on Super Tuesday.

2020 US Presidential Winner Odds*

Donald Trump 8/13
Bernie Sanders 11/4
Michael Bloomberg 7/1
Joe Biden 16/1
Pete Buttigieg 20/1
50/1 bar
* (betting odds taken from Bet365 on February 23rd, 2020 at 20:59)

Incumbent Republican Donald Trump is still the odds-on favourite to win the 2020 US Presidential election. Nothing has changed there and even his impeachment trial this year has done little to affect his position in the market.

The Republicans are 8/13 to win the 2020 Election, with the Democrats currently trading at 5/4* (betting odds taken from Bet365 on February 23rd, 2020 at 20:59)