Bet365 cash out early – rules and how it works

Bet365 raises the stakes with partial cash-out


This information is based on our personal experiences with the Bet365 cash out feature in year 2018 and represents solely our opinion.

Online betting site Bet365 have become the first major player in the online betting industry to offer the partial cash-out option to their sportsbook. The new feature will enable their customers to cash-out just part of their active bet, while the rest of it remains open. This gives Bet365 customers even greater control of their active liabilities in sports betting.

The partial cash-out option can be selected on a sliding scale, which will present the cash-out values on the portion of the bet that they want to trade on. This is similar to balancing a green book on a betting exchange, and trading options in spread betting. But it is a simpler format, which Bet365 customers will be able to take advantage of. It is thought that Betfair themselves and Paddy Power are following suit with the mechanism.

The partial cash-out option will run alongside the full cash-out option available at online betting site Bet365 which has been in place since 2013. Normally you would have to wait until the end of an event to see whether or not your bet wins. However, with the ability to cash out, you can decide, while the action is still on-going, to cash in on your selection if it is doing well, or even minimize potential loss if you think the bet isn’t likely to end up a winner at the end of the event.

That is the full cash out option, where the entire bet is cashed out early. The alternative now, with the new Bet365 partial cash-out option is that a customer can choose to cash out just part of their active bet, again to either bank some profit, or to minimise some of the potential loss, while leaving the rest of the active bet to cover the full outcome.

It is all about betting control over your active liabilities.

The cash out option is available on selected markets at online betting site Bet365, both pre-match and in-play as well. It is also available on both single and multiple bets and numerous sports are covered, such as soccer, tennis horse racing and basketball.

Try the Bet365 Cash Out Option

How to use Bet365’s Cash Out Option

For any wagers in the sportsbook that are eligible for Cash Out, you will see the option clearly displayed in the My Bets section of your Bet Slip. So it is the My Bets section of your Bet365 bet slip which you need to monitor in order to see what is on offer from the cash out option. If you want to take a cash out option on one of your bets, just click the Cash Out button.

You will then see the amount at which your Cash Out option is available at, then the bet is settled and the final result relating to your bet will have no impact on the amount returned to your account.

The partial cash-out option at Bet365 will allow you to use the sliding scale to see how much of the active bet that you want to cash out, and then you will follow the same, straight forward procedure to close out the portion of the bet. The rest of the active wager will then be running until the event is closed.

New customers registering an account with online betting site Bet365 are welcome. With great features like live in-play betting, Bet365 come as one of the most highly rated online bookmaker available.