Betting and the referees (part 2) – Cyril’s betting advice (part 22)

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Betting and the referees (part 2)

Where the term Mark-up appears it will be collated as follows. Yellow Card = 10pts. Red Card = 25pts.
Averages will be rounded to the nearest whole figure.(where appropriate).
Four season stats include all leagues between Conference League and Premiership.
Mike Riley.
A 44 year old hailing from Leeds. He has a reputation, well earned in my opinion, of being card-happy. Compared to some other referees, he’s prepared to book at every chance. He’s been a Premiership referee since 1996.
He has accrued some colourful statistics since then.
2000/01 he issued an average of 3.92 Yellow Cards per game. The 2005/06 season  saw him hit the heights with his largest ever haul of 147 Yellows.
2001/02 was his "Red" season. Issuing 19 such cards at an average of 0.61 per game.   
More recently he appears to have calmed down somewhat. His current season average mark-up compares very favourably with his last four seasons which average a touch over 48 pts.
Mike Dean.
He comes from the Wirral, a fact that cost him the 2006 Liverpool – West  Ham Cup Final. He did gain recompense when he officiated at the 2008 Cup Final. In 2005 he found himself in trouble with the PMGOL for his help in advertising a horseracing syndicate. He was eventually suspended until 31st May that year.He also had to sever all connections with the syndicate. This apart he doesn’t appear to court controversy.
He’s not one to mess with on the pitch, as his record shows. In all games so far this season he’ s given out 103 yellows and 10 reds for an average mark-up of  45.7pts. In Premiership games, he’s  second only to Mr Riley in average match mark-up. With 51.6pts.  He is at present batting above his four season average mark-up of 43.89pts. 
Hoping to see a penalty at the game? Then Mike Dean is your man. He averages one every five games. His total of ten, so far this season, is double his nearest rival.   
Laff Time.
Heard about the player who took the referee’s daughter out. She cautioned him three times. For handling, for interference and trying to take a shirt off.
Alan Wiley.
Age 49, Alan is one of the elder statesmen of referees and hails from Burntwood, Staffs.
He was promoted to the Premiership list in 1999.
His stats are at the opposite end of the scale to the two guys mentioned above.
Looking for someone who tries to let the game flow? Who likes to let the players take the limelight. This is your man. Although he did come into the spotlight April last year when he awarded Chelsea a penalty at…….OLD TRAFFORD of all places.You can imagine Alec Ferguson’s reaction.
Red Card-wise his worst season were 2004/05 and 2005/06. Five in the first mentioned and seven in the second. In each of these seasons his average was 0.16  per game.
His four season mark-up averages out at 36.49 His current season mark-up being just over four points fewer.            
His Premiership only stats for this season are, as usual impressive, for the best reasons. In 17 games he’s shown 42 yellows and just 1 red. Also just one penalty has been awarded.  
Mark Halsey.
A former native of Hertfordshire but now domiciled in Bolton. At 47, one of our more experienced whistlers. Also one of the most respected on any list. Perhaps the fact that he was no mean player in his younger days may have something to do with his refereeing style. He had spells with both Barnet and St Albans City as a player.
He joined the Premiership list in 1999 and was promoted to FIFA’s list the following year. He officiated in many of FIFA’s minor tournements until his first full international in 2004. Belgium v France.
He certainly  knows how to keep good order on the pitch. His stats are without comparison.
Four year mark-up of 24.50 sees him at the bottom (or should that be top) of the table.This season, although not having too many games, his mark-up average is only 14pts.
He consistently averages below three yellows per game. His red card average is a miserly 0.168 per game
With him in the middle, you would certainly consider going "short" on bookings.
These are just four of "the people we love to hate". More next time.