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Betting and the referees (part 3)

Howard Webb.
This is the referee that once elicited approvel from, of all people, Alex Ferguson. After his usual, after match rant, he prophesied that Mr Webb would become our top referee.
Since then he has moved on at quite a pace. Some will say that he has reached the top of the tree.
37 years old, 6′ 3" and 15 stones, he hails from Rotherham, South Yorkshire. His "day job" is that of a Police Sergeant. So no problem handling prima-donna footballers.
His early ambition, like many of us, was to be a professional footballer. As that wasn’t to be he didn’t turn his back but took tuition as a would-be referee. The rest is history.
He began in local leagues in 1989 an worked his way up the ladder to find himself on the Premiership List in 2003/04. In 2005 he was added to the FIFA list of match officials.
Amongst his "highlights" is a TEN CARD GAME at Craven Cottage, Fulham V Arsenal November 2006. Four yellows to Fulham and five yellows and a red to Arsenal. Another occurred between 17th February and 17th of March 2007, when he issued five RED cards. All in different matches and ALL in the 90th minute.The only one in the premiership was David Bentley (Blackburn). He was number five. Whilst keeping a firm hold on games, he’s not afraid to dish out cards.This season he has had 22 games and given out 80 yellows together with 5 reds. All for second bookable offences. Mark-up average 42.04.  
His four season figures are ………….67 games….225 yellows and ….11 reds. His average mark-up of 37.68 puts him in 8th place in the table.   
It appears that he will continue his upward moves. His latest "honour" being to take charge of the recent Brazil v Italy match.
Perhaps he will follow in the footsteps of another follicly challenged giant. Pierluigi Collina. Who can forget him?

Recently, Howard’s car was broken in to. Taken were a number of souveniers and his yellow and red cards. Everything was recovered except for the CARDS. Maybe a conspiracy by disgruntled players? Hardly likely, but WHY only keep the cards?
Now might be a good time to look at, "in the news" Mark Clattenburg.
Mark took-up refereeing as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Award.  At the age of 18 he was an assistant Referee in the Northern League. He refereed his first competitive game, in that  league the following year. 1999 saw him refereeing in the Conference league and acting as an "assistant" in the Football league. His first match in the Football League was in August 2000. Promotion to the Select List of Premiership Referees came in 2004. Followed two years later by inclusion on the FIFA list. Aged thirty, he became the youngest Englishman to reach such dizzy heights.
From 2004 he certainly seemed to be "flavour of the month" as hardly a cup match or play-off didn’t have him featured in some respect. He did appear to be the golden boy of refereeing.
Unfortunately he fell foul of the PMGOL and in August 2008 he was suspended from all games, including that years Community Shield. His private and business life gave cause for concern and eventually he was removed from the List by PMGOL.  He appealed this decision, successfully and was suspended for 8 months, back dated to August 2008. This means he will be put back on the List from this April.
His Premier League stats are nothing out of the ordinary, except for 2006/07 season. He issued more yellows than anyone else, …………110. But amazingly not one red card.
His four year (three, actually ) mark-up is 42.28. Taking fifth place in the table.
His last full season 2007/08 was fairly mundane,  26 games 94 yellows and 8 reds. A mark-up of 43.84. just a touch ahead of his average.
It will be interesting to see just how well he progresses on his return.
Time for a laff.
The club dance was in full swing. Three latecomers tried to get in without paying. The bouncer would have none of it. "But" one of them explained, " we’re friends of the ref". "Who are you trying to kid" said the bouncer, "whoever heard of a ref with three friends?"
Steve  Bennett.
Steve comes from the noisiest town in Kent, Farnborough.
Aged 48 this could well be his last season. If that is so, he could be going out with a bang.
His recent allegations in a Sunday ‘paper have led to the Authorities asking him to furnish facts and details. His article in the ‘paper alleged players were getting themselves booked on purpose, in order to spend Bank Holidays and such, at home with their families. One player is alleged to have made such a request in person. it will be interesting to watch any outcome to this little episode.
He made his way up the refereeing ladder until he was added to the Football League list in 1995. Promotion to the Premier League Select List came in 1999/2000 season when he handled 12 games with 38 yellows and 1 red. A rather inauspicious start.
In 2001 he was promoted to the FIFA REFEREES LIST after a number of years on the Assistants List. He retired from the FIFA LIST in 2006.
Whilst tending to let games flow, he does have a tendency to issue cards in bunches. During the 2007 Chelsea – Man U Cup Final he issued seven yellows.Three times he’s given out three Reds in a game. Four times he’s given a total of ten cards in a match. Of the forty, five were Red.   .
Steve’s four year average mark-up is 42.89 putting him in 4th place in the table.This season so far has seen him give 64 yellows in 18 games, but no reds.
Something to think about. The four year average mark-up for Serie A, has 28 refs showing 50 pts or more. The "Top" place is held by D.Preschem with a figure of 85. and we call our refs "card happy".