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Betting and the referees (part 4)

Steve Tanner, is one of the newer members of the Premiership List.
In 2006/07 he was given three "trial" games to referee in the Premiership. The second of which he abandoned after just ten minutes due to incessant rain. In those three games he gave just one card, a yellow. He was invited to join PGMOL for the following season.He obviously made a big impression as he was added to FIFA’s list in January 2008, as replacement for Graham Poll. Hardly had time to get his feet wet, so to speak, and he was up there with the big guys.
Steve comes from "Zomerset were the zider apples grow", but he certainly isn’t a country bumpkin.
His first full season on the List, he had thirty four games of which thirteen were in the Premiership.
He gave 110 yellows and just 3 reds. A mark-up of 34.55. A little below his 4 year average mark-up of 37.25.His current season figures are 23 games 68 yellows and 6 reds.Mark-up 36.00 probably tells us he thinks before reaching into his pocket. Definitely one to watch for future honours.. All in all, a fairly consistent set of figures.

Martin Atkinson.
Another young starter. This Leeds born lad was just 16 when he began the long long climb to where he is today. Joined the Football League as an Assistant in ’98 and two years later found himself on the Premier League list of Assistants. In 2004 he refereed four Premier League games and joined the "List Proper" the following year..
He doesn’t get the cards out as some do, however he isn’t afraid to dish them out when necessary. This season he has aready issued some large match totals of Yellows. Five cards in a game, twice. Six cards in each of three games and SEVEN in each of two games. In one of the six card games he also showed two REDS. His style has obviously caught the eye of the people who matter, as he was added to the FIFA referees List in 2006.
His 4 year mark up average is 28.97.His current figures are slightly higher at 31.47. just a tad over three cards per game.
He celebrates his 38th Birthday next month, so we’ll see him for quite some time to come.

Stuart Attwell.
This name probably sends shivers down the backs of WATFORD FANS. I’m sure you all know about the Phantom Goal awarded to Reading.
This guy is the yongest ever Premiership Referee. being included in their LIST from June 2008 at the age of TWENTY FIVE.
In December of the same year he was asked to join the International List for the following year. Talk about FAST-TRACKING !!
Controversy might appear to bet dogging him as he was accused by one manager of losing control of a game. He was then carpetted by the Referee’s Chief, Keith Hackett and was "Stood Down" for the following weeks fixtures.
In the above mentioned game he booked eight players and also gave a straight Red.
His figures for the two seasons show a vast difference to each other. Last season,  This average mark-up was 23.28 and just 1.90 cards per game. The current seasons figures might well be something to ponder over. His average mark-up is 36.66 and cards per game 3.29. This from fewer games, too.
With his figures in a state of flux, it might well be the thing to do is steer well clear of any games he’s in charge of. At least until some sort of pattern emerges.
A little up to date news. Stuart Attwell appears to have vindicated himself with his displays in the lower reaches of the football ladder as he has been awarded Wigan’s home game against West Ham United on Wednesday of this week. This is his first Premiership game since 13th December last year.

Also of interest. FIFA have been discussing amendments to the games laws. One accepted is the siting of an Assistant behind each goal. The Championship appears the likely place for it to be tried out, next season.All being well it will be in operation for EURO 2012.
They also discussed extending the half-time interval to twenty minutes. However it would appear that they were beaten to this by Messrs Gallas and Toure. Toure entered the field of play late and without the referees permission. After being booked he had the audacity to say, "I didn’t know the rules". The mind boggles. And we call the poor old Ref.

More Refs to come.