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Betting and the referees (part 5)

C. J. FOY.
Chris hails from St Helens, Lancashire.(Well it was when he was born).
Credit for Chris making it as far has he has, is down to his dad’s support and help when he first became a whistler. Dad still keeps an eye on him with ‘phone calls before and after his games.
He was promted to the Football League referees List in 1996. After five year he progressed to the "big time". From 2002 until 2007 he as on the UEFA List. From which he retired aged 45 years (Compuslary Retirement Age).  He has had his share of "highlights".  At Chester in August ’99 he was wrestled to the ground by a supporter who didn’t exactly agree with his decisions. Just over a year ago, he "sent off" the Fulham mascot, Billy the Badger for break-dancing in the playing area. More recently, Sunday of last week actually, he suffered a blast for booking Cristiano Ronaldo for "diving", in the Carling Cup Final.
He’ll probably remember the game on Boxing Day ’06 for some time. His Xmas presents to Stoke City and Sheff. Wed amounted to 10 Yellow Cards.
His mark-ups have been somewhat up and down.His last two years before promotion to the Premiership his figures were 40.0 and 40.8.
They have shortened since then. His lowest being 19.82 04/05 season. Over the last four seasons they’ve levelled out a little into the low thirties.
his four year average is 29.72. That includes his 04/05 figures. His cards per game during this period was 2.67. Obviously a guy who now only uses cards as a last resort.    260

One of the refereeing elders, Peter will be fifty in October.
His first aspiration was to be a footballer and he played in the United Counties League for Long Buckby, Northants. His birthplace.
His refereeing career began in 1986, in local leagues. He obviously caught the eye as he was promoted to Assistants List of the Football League in ’93 and the Premier List the following year.His first "big" game was the ’96 Cup Final were he was one of the Assistants.In the same year he joined FIFA’s Assistants list and officiated in Euro ’96 in England.
He was added to the Select Group (PGMOL) in 2003. his first ever Premiership match being Wolves 4-3 home win over Leicester City on 25th October.
January 2007 saw him travel to Ecuador as part of a team of Advanced Instructors who ran workshops on behalf of the Ecuadorian F.A.
At present he represents referees within PROSPECT the trades union which speaks for referees within the Premier League.
If as expected, referees Supremo, Keith Hacket, retires from his present position within the PGMOL this summer, Peter is one of the favourites to take his place. As is Steve Bennett. Not being one to flash the cards around it’s no surprise that this season he averages 2.38 cards per game. Seldom has he been much over the 3 cards per game average per season.His four season average is 3.3 per game and his mark-up. 34.86.
Quiet and unassuming, he lets the players take the limelight.

Rob will be forty five next month. He hails from Waterlooville in Hampshire. His "DAY JOB" is that of a Surveyor.
His career in refereeing began in the Wessex League and then moved up to the Isthmian League. He was promoted to the Football League in 1996 and to the Premiership List in 2000. .
He has never shirked dishing out cards.In his first season as a Football League referee he showed 10 yellows and 2 reds during the Bristol R v Reading game and 10 yellows and 1 red in a Man City v Villa game. A couple of seasons later he had another 10/2 when Everton hosted Newcastle Utd.
He has on occasions had his decisions queried  and been found wanting. On four occasions there have been repercussions following his penalty awards. Following on from one such gaffe when he awarded Chelsea (at Liverpool) an unbelievable penalty for a tackle that "never was", he was removed from the following weeks matches. It was also reputed that he apologised to Rafa Benitez for his mistake. Controversey does appear to follow him around.
His four year mark-up puts him in seventh position with 39.13.His general, cards per game figure, a touch over 3.6.
Perhaps he’ll be worth "buying" when he’s in charge of two of the more volatile sides. 753

Footnote to part 4.
As I noted last time, Stuart Attwell had his first Premiership game for quite some time.
Obviously his time in the lower leagues do not appear to have helped him improve too much.
It appears he flashed two unwarranted yellows at Carlton Cole, which of course earned him an early bath. This would seem to be the least of his worries as he was slated by almost every hack for not giving at least one more red over and about the one he did give out. Lucas Neill was more than lucky not to go for his studs-up on Lee Cattermole. Cattermole then decided to put himself about somewhat and duly joined Cole in the dressing room.
Whilst Attwell must take some blame for not stamping his authority from the outset, you can feel a little for him, or any other referee, when the players obviously decide to virtually ignore the most basic of rules. how it came about the there were not any serious injuries in this game, would appear to be down to Good Luck.