Betting Exchanges (2) – Trading – Cyril’s betting advice (part 11)

Trading at Betting Exchanges

I am assuming that you have a working knowledge of Betting Exchanges. If not, get in touch with us and I’ll put you in the picture. At  present Betdaq only charge 2% commision. You need to request this concession, via e-mail. This will run until the years end, at least. Better than Betfair‘s 5%.


I would imagine that the favourite choice for most punters would be Home Win. And why not? Stats will show that it’s the most likely outcome of the three. Find a home team that  is on offer at 2.00 or more and you feel confident will score the first goal. Assuming your choice is a good one and you find your pick in the lead, you now have to make a decision. Stay with your choice or trade and give yourself a GREEN book. (This is a situation where you cannot lose money, no matter what the result). Your choice will depend on many things. Mainly, when the goal is scored. The earlier in the game when it happens, the more thought should be given to "trading out".
An alternative to trying to find a home to that you think will win, is to find one that has a good record of scoring an early goal. Then trade out when this happens.
A very popular "Trade" is Laying and the Backing the draw. Whilst very popular, it is fast losing it’s "edge".  
Very simply, you LAY the draw before the game starts, then when a goal is scored you BACK the draw. Sounds nice and simple. But is it?
Firstly you need a price of between 3.0 and 4.0 and then the favourite to score first, to get some kind of movement in the Back Odds. Even this is not guaranteed to happen to the extent usually required.
If the outsider scores first, the odds movement will usually be negligible, especially early in the game.
Then there is the big "bug-bear". A 0 – 0 draw. This is usually expected in around 8 – 10 % of games. Just paper-trial this method and see how often you can lose your bank. Some punters swear by this method but they must have their own criteria for finding qualifying games. Of course they’re not going to tell anyone this. Well they would lose that little edge that they have made for themselves.

Another popular Trade is under 2.5 goals. The idea being Back under 2.5 before the game starts, then  wait for the game to run for a short while and when you have an acceptable shift in price, trade out. The "bug-bear" here being one or more early goals. So be prepared for some nail-biting.

Many punters tend to find their own pet trading method. If you’re content to make a small but regular profit try "dutching" win and draw prices of the team of your choice, in what appears to be a close game. Then when your favoured team scores, LAY it. Meagre pickings I know but you have a green book. Also if it ends in a draw, you have two successful trades. The reverse of this is to LAY the unfancied side and when your fancied team scores Back the unfancied team. Again small pickings. You do however, always need a "GET OUT"  strategy for that very rare occasion when things go wrong.