Betting stats – odds-on away winners in Irish & other summer leagues

Football Leagues and Stats

There are only a few Summer Leagues and each is very much "It’s own man". Braziliero for instance had only TWO games in which the away side was quoted at odd-on. One was successful and in the other game, a draw was the result. Similarly the American MLS also had only TWO games where the away side was at odds-on. These both went to the away side.

The IRISH PREMIER LEAGUE was the most prolific in all ways.
25 AWAY TEAMS @ ODDS-ON   17 WERE SUCCESSFUL  68%.  The other eight matches were split 4 homes 4 draws. 
The odds on offer for most of the sides were not unreasonable in many cases. In fact only 6 were offered at LESS THAN 1.65.
A point worth noting about these away teams. In the games that they won they conceded on only three occasions. Also, twelve of their winning games were UNDER 2.5 goals.


Here there were just 13 aways at odds-on, with eight successful.  Once again the available odds were at the higher end of the scale with just one at less than 1.65.
Goal scoring exploits here are interesting. Five of the eight away winner’s games produced OVER 2.5 goals. The other three were each 0 – 1.

Just ten games here to consider. These were split as, 5 aways, 4 homes and 1 draw.  There were two quotes below 1.65.
Four of five "aways" were OVER 2.5 goals.

Only 8 matches here 5 aways, 2 draw and one home. One team was quoted at 1.65 the rest being 1.82 or better.
One "away"  ended 0 – 1, the other 4 were all over 2.5 goals.

The most prolific of the Scandinavian Leagues.
Out of 18 odds-on quotes there were ten successful. The other eight were split equally as homes and draws. Backing these eight games it was possible to make a minute profit. 
Two of these games ended 0 – 2, the remaining eight were all over 2.5 goals.
The "goals" per game figures do make interesting reading. For those people who back the overs and unders markets, there might well be something here for you to ponder over.

How to make use of these figures is down to the individual. If you are swayed towards the Exchanges then these figues might well enhance your TRADING prospects.
In fact, this season does for some reason, which I haven’t yet fathomed, appear to be completely out of "kilter". Some of the results have been hard to assess. More worrying though is the fact that, the odd team apart, nobody can string a few decent results together. The PREMIERSHIP, in particular is a prime case. If any of the top three hit a bad patch, who would be likely to take advantage? The next four in line are chasing the last Champions League place but all are as bad as each other, in that they just aren’t consistant.
For this reason I would think that the best chance of making some cash from the bookies,etc, is through TRADING. If anyone is unaware of this method of betting, I would advise them to go onto the Internet and make use of the vast resources that are available. The EXCHANGES are there, make use of them.