Chancellor Sunak firm favourite to replace Boris Johnson

Sunak continues to soar in betting markets

Rishi Sunak /Chancellor ©imago images / i Images 30.03.2020

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on the weekend that he has been tested positive for Covid-19.

Reports from Downing Street insisted that the symptoms of the self-isolating PM are mild, but the announcement has raised interest in a particular politics betting market.

Boris Johnson has insisted that he will continue to run the country and do his duties from his quarters.

Next Conservative Leader Odds*

Rishi Sunak 2/1
Michael Gove 14/1
Sajid Javid 14/1
Jeremy Hunt 16/1
Dominic Raab 16/1
Priti Patel 16/1
Penny Mordaunt 16/1
Johnny Mercer 20/1
Tom Tugendhat 20/1
Jacob Rees-Mogg 22/1
Matthew Hancock 25/1
Robert Jenrick 28/1
50/1 bar
* (betting odds taken from BetVictor at 05:34 GMT on Sunday, 29th March 2020)

UK struggling to cope

The death toll in the UK has gone over 1,000 and on Saturday, Johnson said that tougher measures may be needed to be put in place.

Last week the Government banned public gatherings of more than two people and only essential stores have been allowed to stay open.

Johnson insists that things were going to get worse before they get better, in a letter that is being sent out to all UK households.

As well as the letter about the Covid-19 situation, leaflets are being delivered informing the public about health information and the rules for leaving the house.

Would Raab take over from Johnson?

In the case that Boris Johnson has to step down from PM duties at any point, the person next in line to take over would be First Secretary and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

But the betting markets in the Next Conservative Leader market are favouring Chancellor Rishi Sunak instead.

Mr Sunak is at 2/1 to be the next conservative leader* (betting odds taken from BetVictor at 05:34 GMT on Sunday, 29th March 2020)

Next Prime Minister Odds*

Keir Starmer 3/1
Rishi Sunak 3/1
Dominic Raab 11/1
Micahel Gove 20/1
Sajid Javid 20/1
Priti Patel 25/1
Jacob Rees-Moog 50/1
* (betting odds taken from Unibet at 05:34 GMT on Sunday, 29th March 2020)

Sunak shows leadership qualities

Six months ago, few would probably have known the name of Richmond MP Mr Sunak. But the Chancellor has been prominent recently and has come across to the public as being competent and assured.

He has been the one delivering the news about what financial aid that the Government is sending to the public and to businesses. It was only earlier this year, mid-February actually, that Mr Sunak stepped into the role of Chancellor of the Exchequer.

That was after Sajid Javid stepped down following a Cabinet reshuffle.

There is another side to this with the First Secretary Dominic Raab having courted some heavy criticisms. A large amount came after having called feminists “obnoxious bigots”. Plus Raab previously calling the Government Equalities Office as “pointless” did little for his popularity.