Eurovision Betting Odds & Preview 2021

UK a long shot for Eurovision 2021 success

Konyves Norbert / Hungary ©IMAGO / Russian Look 10/14/2020

Eurovision betting is back on the radar after not being hosted last year. So it is to the 2021 edition of the famous contest that we visit.

We take a look at Eurovision 2021 betting odds in this preview, and size up who the main contenders are.

The UK doesn’t appear to one of those, as they are currently standing in triple-figures in the winners market.

The Uk are a 200/1 shot to win outright in Eurovision 2021 betting* (Betting Odds taken on 17:58 GMT, 11th May 2021 at Bet365)

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When and Where Is Eurovision 2021?

The final is hosted on May 22nd 2021 and this is hosted in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

That is because the last winner of the Eurovision Song contest was the Netherlands, thanks to Duncan Laurence’s song “Arcade”.

The tournament does have its usual semi-final section, the first of those being held on 18th May and then the second one, two days later.

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Who is taking part in Eurovision 2021?

There are 39 counties in the running to look at for Eurovision Song Contest betting odds. That includes Bulgaria and Ukraine who weren’t in the 2019 edition.

Dropping out from the previous event are Hungary and Montenegro who aren’t re-entering.

Eurovision 2021 Betting Odds

France 3/1
Malta 7/2
Switzerland 4/1
Italy 13/2
Bulgaria 7/1
Iceland 8/1
Cyprus 28/1
Ukraine 30/1
Lithuania 35/1
Sweden 40/1
Greece 40/1
Finland 40/1
San Marino 55/1
Russia 60/1
70/1 bar
* (Betting Odds taken on 17:58 GMT, 11th May 2021 at Bet365)
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What are the semi-final draws?

There wasn’t an allocation draw made for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest as there usually is.

The organizers instead, just are revisiting the same draw that had been made for the 2020 edition, before the competition had to be cancelled.

Semi Final 1: Lithuania, Slovenia, Russia, Sweden, Australia, North Macedonia, IRELAND, Cyprus, Norway, Croatia, Belgium, Israel, Romania, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Malta

Semi Final 2: San Marino, Estonia, Czech Republic, Greece, Austria, Poland, Moldova, Iceland, Serbia, Georgia, Albania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Finland, Latvia, Switzerland, Denmark.

From the semi finals, 21 nations will go through to the semi finals to join the Big 5 (France, Italy, Uk, Germany and Spain) plus hosts the Netherlands.

Eurovision betting tips top pick:
Iceland to win

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* (Betting Odds taken on 17:58 GMT, 11th May 2021 at Bet365)


The Big 5 Eurovision 2021 betting odds

France 3/1
Italy 13/2
UK 200/1
Germany 200/1
Spain 500/1
* (Betting Odds taken on 17:58 GMT, 11th May 2021 at Bet365)

UK Eurovision 2021 Odds

The market doesn’t look great for the UK in Eurovision betting this year.

Entry James Newman with his song “Embers” is currently out at 200/1 to win* (Betting Odds taken on 17:58 GMT, 11th May 2021 at Bet365)

The artist was due to take part in last year’s contest with a different song.

But with that competition cancelled, he returns with a new ditty after being internally selected by the BBC.

Who is the favourite in Eurovision Betting Odds 2021?

It is France who are the current 3/1 favourites to win Eurovision 2021* (Betting Odds taken on 17:58 GMT, 11th May 2021 at Bet365)

Being one of the Big 5 at Eurovision naturally gives them a helping hand. It means that they don’t have to go through the risky semi finals.

But that’s the same of all the Big 5 and the hosts, the Netherlands, but France are the ones who are expected to make the biggest impact.

Their entry is Barbara Pravia with her song “Voila” in French.

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Who are other strong contenders in Eurovision Odds?

Malta are doing well in the outright winner market in Eurovision betting. They are entering with the song “Je me casse” by Destiny.

She would have taken part in last year’s event with a different song. She was internally selected as well.

Switzerland also looks to be a big player with a “Tout l’Univers” by the quite dramatically named Job’s Tears.

This is a song in French. He is another of the artists that get a shot at the event this year, having been scheduled to perform in the cancelled 2020 edition.

Another Of the Big 5, Italy seems to be going fairly well in the betting market as well for Eurovision odds.

They are a current 13/2 shot to sweep the board* (Betting Odds taken on 17:58 GMT, 11th May 2021 at Bet365).

Italy are represented by artist Maneskin with “Zitti e buoni”, a song sung in Italian. While it may sound like a pasta dish, the song is out there and popular.

Italy is leaning on Maneskin and he gets the shot after winning the Sanremo Music Festival 2021.

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Eurovision 2021 Betting Prediction

Then there is Iceland who have brought some great vocals to the table. They actually sound fantastic, making the song sound better than it is perhaps.

Iceland are entering with their song “10 Years”.

Performing are Dadi & Gagnamagnid, a group that have an aesthetic blend of Abba and Thunderbirds.

Iceland are a quote of 8/1 to win Eurovision 2021* (Betting Odds taken on 17:58 GMT, 11th May 2021 at Bet365).

Will the positive vibes carry them to the top? The song is going to stick in your head, at least the chorus. It’s upbeat, there’s a cool stage presence and they could be on to a winner.