Joe Biden shortens in 2020 US Election odds after a chaotic first debate

Trump drifts to win a second term in the White House

Joe Biden / Pennsylvania ©imago images / UPI Photo 09/30/2020

US Election 2020: The first of the three Presidential debates in the US ahead of November’s election happened on Tuesday night.

It was some chaotic viewing.

Most viewers will have been left wondering just what they were watching.

The incumbent Donald Trump spent most of the time trying to agitate his opponent, former vice president Joe Biden.

Bickering, insults and chaos

There was a lot more bickering, insults and pettiness around than any kind of platform of policy produced by either.

It wasn’t a very presidential presidential debate, to say the least, but the general consensus is that Democratic candidate Biden won that first debate.

He held his nerve pretty well under constant disruptive tactics by Trump who kept launching personal attacks and interrupting Biden, not letting his opponent get much time to speak.

Biden cut further for election success

But the 2020 US Election markets naturally had a reaction and Joe Biden was cut into as short of a price of 8/13 from a pre-debate 8/11 quote early on Wednesday morning* (betting odds taken from Betvictor at 03:41 GMT on Thursday, October 1st 2020).

Going the other way on the drift, Trump moved out to 11/8 to win November’s election* (betting odds taken from Betvictor at 03:41 GMT on Thursday, October 1st 2020).

Plenty more US Election 2020 drama to come

But there are plenty of legs left in this election campaign. There are two more debates to come and it looks as if they are going to get even nastier.

Biden, by mostly holding his composure not getting baited too much by Trump’s tactics, was deemed the winner of the debate.

That’s simply because he didn’t crumble under the pressure and little to do with policy.

He made no major gaffs on the night where neither of them really delivered a heavyweight knockout blow.

It’s a case of watching this space in a turbulent final month before the US heads to the polls.