Kevin Bacon among the favourites to play Joe Exotic in Tiger King movie

Who would play the Tiger King Joe Exotic in a big-screen biopic?

Kevin Bacon/ America ©imago images / ZUMA Press 09.04.2020

Barely a session on the internet goes by now without some mention of the Tiger King Joe Exotic.

Ever since the Netflix series came out, social media has been bombarded by discussions about the gripping viewing, and about the protagonist in the smash hit.

Tiger King Movie Special to happen?

The documentary series about the tiger lover has gripped so many people, as well as having left many a question unanswered.

The fascinating insight into Joe Exotic’s story shows no sign of slowing up and this week a new betting market was launched regarding who could play him in a movie.

It’s hard to turn anywhere and not find a mention of the Tiger King somewhere and that includes celebrities who have come out to declare themselves big fans.

So now, bookmaker Paddy Power has a market open on who would depict Joe Exotic in a biopic movie version.

Tiger King Specials – Who will be cast as Joe Exotic? Betting Odds

Kevin Bacon 4/1
Billy Bob Thornton 4/1
Edward Norton 4/1
David Spade 6/1
Brad Pitt 8/1
Matthew McConaughey 10/1
Ben Stiller 10/1
Robert Downey JR 12/1
Christain Bale 14/1
Ben Affleck 14/1
Leo DiCaprio 16/1
Bradley Cooper 16/1
Johnny Depp 20/1
Hugh Jackman 20/1
Tom Cruise 20/1
Matt Damon 25/1
Chris Hemsworth 25/1
33/1 bar
* (betting odds taken from Paddy Power at 23:25 GMT on Wednesday 8th April 2020)

Heading up the market is a three-way tie between Kevin Bacon, Billy Bob Thornton and Ed Norton who are at 4/1 odds* (betting odds taken from Paddy Power at 23:25 GMT on Wednesday 8th April 2020)

Another episode of the Tiger King is on the way

Netflix are reportedly dropping a new episode of the true-crime docuseries.

There are also rumours circulating about a ‘reunion” style show but there has been no confirmation about that at the time of writing.

Tiger King only premiered on Netflix on March 20th and it rapidly became a global sensation.

Private zoo owner Joe Exotic is currently serving a prison sentence for animal abuse and for his role in a murder-for-hire plot against animal activist Carole Baskin, a fellow big cat owner.