Never play with money you cannot afford the lose

Trading at Betting Exchanges

Taking Care. Now is the time when people make resolutions. So there is no reason why the trader shouldn’t do so, too, even though we are half way through the season. The first and most important thing to decide upon is “Never play with money you cannot afford the lose”. The most important decision you’ll ever make. Another MUST is keeping records of ALL your trades. The more info you record about each and every trade the more you’ll have at your finger tips in the future.

Records of this type are ideal for future

Record the odds changes after a goal is scored. Notice how it affects the scoring sides odds and also the conceding sides odds. After a while you’ll know how certain sides react when a goal is scored or conceded and if the expected doesn’t occur you need to be aware and try to find out why. Probably the ideal time to end your trade. Even if it makes a small loss. (Run and live to fight another day).

Note how you decide what stakes to employ for each individual trade. Very important indeed. Staking is an important part of every trade and the amount staked on one trade can have a large influence on following trades. A listing should be kept up to date showing how a trade was chosen. This is a very necessary component as there must be a different set of rules for assessing prospective trades . It goes without saying that the ability to choose the right matches to trade is of paramount importance.

Whilst browsing through bits and pieces I came across a little strategy that will bear inspection. It revolves around teams that leave it late to score. Look for any game that’s coming up to 75 minutes and the score is 0 – 0/ 0 – 1/ or 1 – 0. Now you need to LAY the current score so long as it is on offer at 1.5 at the most. Staking £10.0 at this price will give a liability of only £5-00. You can now leave the bet to itself or if the price goes down, a sit will as the game heads to full time, you can again put in another £10-0 at say 1.2 Your liability would then increase by only another £2-00.

So long as you choose your matches with some care a very good profit can be made whilst liabilities are
kept to a minimum.

Hopefully there will be other strategies to be found on the internet. Any that I find I’ll pass on.