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Quite recently the Football league saw it’s first Female Referee take charge of a match. Amy Fearns was running the line in the Coventry versus Notts Forest game when referee Tony Bates went off injured. So another milestone has been reached. How long before we see a FEMALE reffing a Premiership match? So on the subject of referees let’s have a look at how they are doing compared to the last couple of seasons. From last season’s list we "lost" Mike Riley, Rob Styles, Steve Tanner and Keith Stroud. Only three replacements were named. Gavin Ward, Kevin Friend and Anthony Taylor.

2007/08. Yellow cards are worth 10pts. Red cards are worth 25pts.

Top of the pile is Mike Dean,        107 yellows and  9 reds.
                   Mike Riley,       105         and  2.
                   Howard Webb       101         and  1.
                   Steve Bennett      99         and  5.
                   Alan Wiley         98         and  1.

Seasons Total Cards                 1216 yellows and 61 reds.

That looks pretty formidable in itself. However when we look at AVERAGES, based on cards per game and their points value per card a very different picture emerges.

                    Matches.   Average Cards.   Average points per game.
Mike Dean             28            4.14                46.3
Mark Clattenburg      26            3.96                44.2
Lee Mason              8            4.12                43.1
Phil Dowd             22            3.41                38.9
Rob Styles            25            3.40                38.8

Collective Averages  380            3.36                36.0

Moving on to the next season, 2008/09, the top card waver is once again Mike Dean. He’s consistant, at least.

Mike Dean             122 yellows and  8 reds.
Howard Webb           114         and  6.
Phil Dowd              92         and  6.
Mike Riley             90         and  4.
M. Atkinson            86         and  6.

Seasons Total Cards  1198 yellows and 63 reds.

Messrs Dean, Webb and Riley once again take three of the top five places.
The AVERAGES however once again show a slighty different outcome.

                    Matches.   Average Cards.   Average points per game.
Steve Tanner          11            4.18                45.9
Mike Dean             31            4.19                45.8
Lee Mason             16            3.94                44.1
Mike Riley            23            4.08                43.5
Stuart Attwell         5            3.60                42.0

Collective Averages  380            3.31                35.7

Mike Dean loses his top place by 100th of a point.
This was Mike Riley’s last season. He’s sure to be missed. By someone, I’m sure.
Stuart Attwell may well have had more games but for his disasterous start. He can only get better. Can’t he?

We now arrive at the current season. A few old names missing and a few added. However, no doubt there will still be cases of managers calling the refs a few names.
Breakdown is as follows.

M.Atkinson                86 yellows and  7 reds.
Mike Dean                 80         and  3.
Howard Webb               75         and  3.
A. Marriner               70         and  7.
Steve Bennett             73         and  3.
Phil Dowd                 69         and  4.
Alan Wiley                66         and  4.

Up-to-date Total cards.  887 yellows and 49 reds.

Now the AVERAGES. A slightly different angle.

                    Matches.   Average Cards.   Average points per game.
A.Marriner            18            4.27                48.6
Mike Dean             19            4.36                46.1
M.Atkinson            21            4.23                44.5
Howard Webb           19            4.10                43.4
Steve Bennett         19            4.00                42.4
Stuart Attwell        12            4.08                42.1
Kevin Friend          10            3.30                39.0
Lee Probert           15            3.60                39.0

Collective averages  264            3.54                38.2

I’ve extended this list a little  to encompass two "new boys". Stuart Attwell now in his second season in the "big time" and a real newbie, Kevin Friend. The former seems to be avoiding any flak this season but K.F. has been given a hard ride by some managers. having noticed how the newbies seem to "cop for it" in their first season, I’m beginning to wonder if certain managers try to use this as a tactic to condition the guys for the future.
The one thing that stands out from these figures is very plain to see. Dont mess with MIKE DEAN.