Premiership referees stats – useful for betting (part 2)

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Referees waving those Red and Yellow cards are now as much part of the game as the ball.
How these cards are distributed can make interesting reading.
Since the turn of the century there has been an average of …………………

           Yellows  1150     Reds  62  each season,
           (making an average of 1213 cards, altogether.)
Seasonal figures
    00/01           1216           59
    01/02           1158           64
    02/03           1128           74
    03/04           1088           58
    04/05           1011           58
    05/06           1160           74
    06/07           1215           52
    07/08           1202           61
    08/09           1181           63

As can be seen, there was a steady decrease in Yellows, each season until 05/06. After that there isn’t a set pattern.
The Red cards are even more difficult to "even out". There were four seasons under 60 cards and 5 over.
Total card average, (1213), was higher in six seasons.
Breaking these figures down into "match sizes" may be of some help.
Yellows average out at 3.02 per game and Reds at 0.16 per game. Quite a surprising figure.
Red cards aren’t give as often as might be thought. Straight Reds are quite scarce too.

It’s not easy trying to find out why cards are so up and down. possibly because referees are obeying certain directives on a seasonal basis. Although some refs do seem to hold a specific standard of assessment, where fouls are concerned.
Another possiblity is the constant change of, playing or otherwise, at the clubs. Also, I’m sure, the level of success, or otherwise, that each club is enjoying at the time,  has a  bearing on their on-field behaviour.presents".

Looking at the top half of the "Bad-Boys" tables for the past two seasons and the present one, two teams are "ever-presents". Four other sides appear twice in the three seasons.
West Ham (surprisingly, at least to me), is one ever present along with Sunderland.
Two out of three’ers are, Bolton W. Blackburn R. Birmingham C. ( although they can be regarded as ever presents as they only appear in the first and third seasons in the Prem ). The remaining "two’re" is Wigan A.
It may well prove profitable to keep a close eye on these sides when any two of them meet.

Individual players to watch for this season are  Lorik Cana (Sunderland) ( 9 yellows and 1 red).Kevin Davies (Bolton 8y). S. Parker (W.H.U. 8 y 1 r ). J. Mascherano (Liverpool 8y 2 r. ) F.Muamba (Bolton 8 y.). W.Palacios (Spurs  8 y )  and Hendry Thomas (Wigan 8 y and 1 r).

I recently ended an article urging players not to mess with Mike Dean. Obviously players from PSV and Hamburg aren’t members of this site.
Last week’s Euro game between these two clubs amassed a total of 13 (unlucky for some!) cards. There were 11 yellow and 2 red cards in their game.
Still on the theme of strict refs, An old enemy of the players, Mike Riley having retired from the field is now top dog of the Referees Association.
Former chief Keith Hackett’s P.A. was given the equivalent of a yellow card, as Mr. Riley was of the opinion that she had too much power. And reduced her role. Her appeal to Premier League officials failed and she consequently parted company with Mssrs Riley and the others. Could we call this yet another Red Card from the refs?