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Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

The most enjoyable part of a football is watching the ball find the net. Your teams opponents net, obviously. Yet one of the hardest parts of football betting is the CORRECT SCORE markets. The past season in the Premiership goals were once again plentiful. Games finishing OVER 2.5 GOALS were also quite plentiful.

Trawling the internet I found a piece of info that I thought would be useful to those of us who enjoy a CORRECT SCORE wager. However some initial research was also necessary to see if the info had any substance. Whether it does or not I’ll leave to the individual, altho’ I think it has definite promise.

Consider only the top 6 teams in the league playing at home. Commence only from week 9. This allows for a period in which there should be some kind of form emerging. Back each match to end either, 1 – 0, 2 – 0 or 2 – 1. Simple. This strategy doesn’t take into account the strength or otherwise of the opposition. Research is needed to see if an efficient filter based on league positions is viable. The past three seasons of Premiership results shows a small probable loss at level stakes for each season. (Depending on the bookmakers prices which are used). Obviously there is scope for improvement.

2012/13 season showed 77 such matches played of which 31 ended in one of the three possible outcomes. 2011/12 season 31 matches out of 83 ended in one of the three outcomes. Season 2010/2011 had 86 matches played of which 36 ended as expected.

The number of matches played each week varies from 2 to 4. So there will be possibilities for the adventurous to invest in doubles. However this could be costly on weeks when there are four games to be played. On the brighter side just two correct scores will at least break even on these occasions. There is definitely scope for further research. In general, the shortest price for any of the scores will be 6/1. There should be occasions when 2 – 0 should be around 10/1. It does, of course depend upon the opposition.

What I do find intriguing is the possibility of finding some winning DOUBLES.
Without going too deeply into the results, for now, it is reasonable to assume an AVERAGE of 3 doubles would be backed each week.

A recent newspaper article caught my eye. The writer reckoned the vast majority of punters never have an inkling as to the amount they stake over a season nor for that matter whether or not they are in the red or the black. Simply because they are not learning from their mistakes. They don’t keep any kind of records. Consequently they don’t know which type of bets are their weakness and which are most likely to provide a reasonable chance of a profit. Basically they are just not putting enough effort into their reading of form and they are therefore not up to scratch. So to speak. His answer is to set a small quiz each week. So taking a leaf from his book I intend to set a poser with each article I write. Nothing too intense but if you don’t know the answer it will extend your betting knowledge just a little.

So first off. If you perm any three from eight selections, how many bets will you have to stake? What will be the total cost at 25p per bet? Fairly simple for a starter. I think.

The answer and explanation of how it’s arrived at, next time.