Trading – betting strategies

Trading at Betting Exchanges


Trading isn’t the thing for everybody.
The big question you need to ask yourself is, “how much do I want to win”?
That might sound silly to some people but the answer will tell you whether TRADING is for you or not.

Generally if you want to invest £10 and turn this into £100 then stay way from Trading.
If you are satisfied with investing £100 and returning £110 than Trading could be your forte.
Making just 10% on £100 may not sound very much but there are hundreds, at least, out there who would be happy with that level of profit. At that level you could double your bank in ten trades.
This sounds unlikely but it can be done.

With an ordinary method of backing I wouldn’t hold any hope of getting returns on every bet I make. But this is different. You just need to be able to sit in front of your PC whilst your event is in play. No matter how bad your selection(s) may be doing there are always means to reduce any loss to a minimum. Just so long as you’re prepared to put in the effort there will always be rewards. Even if it’s only a smaller loss than you would expect from a completely wrong result.

Whilst it’s possible to use betting strategies that don’t really require you to sit in front of your PC, it does mean that if things go wrong you won’t be able to recover some semblance of order and it won’t give you that “aren’t I good” feeling when you make a good “recovery”.
Some people would even say using strategies in the above way, isn’t Real Trading.
However, each to his own. The main objective is to find strategies to either use or trade with.

This is were an individuals ingenuity comes to the fore. Strategies are there just waiting to be “discovered”. Because no matter how inexperienced the punter if he puts his mind to it, he will come up with something he can use.

What is more simple than Backing team A TO WIN and when they score the opening goal, you then LAY them. A real win-win situation. that is trading at it’s most basic.
From a start like this you can move forward to greater things.

Another simple strategy to play around with is, find a team winning by say 1 – 0, with twenty five minutes remaining.  Back to current score and the next TWO possible scores. Which would be 1 – 1 and 2 – 0. Astute staking will guarantee a good profit and even allow you to take another step forward and back the next two scores if either team scores in the first part of the bet.

The old chestnut, LAY THE DRAW, is a good strategy to paper trade to give you a good grounding in staking. Use the stategy at different points in matches so that you get “the feel” for the matches most likely to prove useful for this type of bet.

The main thing about using strategies and trading is you need to put in the effort. The simplest of strategies are those to use and play around with. Try paper trialling first.
Trading won’t make you a millionaire overnight. However, it will give you real satisfaction when you make winning trade.

Look to make a reasonable profit from each bet / trade.
The big question is, of course, what is a reasonable profit?
If you can make say, 30% on winning trades it will give you a good leeway to cover for any losses. There will be some losses. That’s inevitable,  but these can easily be bourne from your winning bets/trades. Try for an overall profit of between 10-15% and you won’t be disappointed.

There are many out there who make that kind of profit over a period of time and are happy to do so.
All the usual “rules” apply to TRADING as they do to ordinary betting.
Don’t use cash you can’t afford to lose. (You’re not going to lose, are you, but this rule still applies).

Bet with DISCIPLINE. Don’t let that “feeling” con you into making a bet you wouldn’t usually make. “A” is due a win or “B” is over due a draw.  These are certain ways to the WORKHOUSE.

One last DON’T. DON’T even think about using a match when your favourite team is involved. You won’t make a rational decision. A hundreds of thousands have found out to their cost in the past. Me included.