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Correct Score Betting in the Premiership

Many sides find it hard to find the net. Others have a habit of leaving it late to score.
The thing is, how to take advantage of these happenings.
Firstly I’ve looked at scores which repeat on a regular basis. Namely. 1 – 0, 1 – 1, 1 – 2, 2 – 0 and 2 – 1.
Last season these scores obliged on 43.94% of games. This season, so far, that has increased to 52.13%.
Last seasons return is actually the lowest for the past five seasons. The five season average being 48.24%.
The basic building blocks are there, ready to be used.
The hard part is deciding which matches to use. Or rather, which teams to look out for when playing suitable opponents.
For the low score matches there are a few teams that stand out as finding it difficult to score. Last season seven sides returned these low scores more than the average.
In the current season eight sides have, so far, bettered last seasons average.
My own thoughts on selection are in line with most of my ideas. Forget the top and bottom quarter of the league table and look for games between sides in the middle portion. These sides do tend to be evenly matched and odds quoted can at times seem fairly generous.
If looking for an interest to last the whole match/afternoon etc, then my answer is to dabble in Correct Score Doubles. With these evenly matched sides it’s quite normal for the odds on offer to range from 7.0 to as high as 18.
Two scores which I haven’t included are 0 – 0 and 0 – 1. between them they have over the last 5 seasons averaged 1 win in 6 games. These leaves us plenty other games to worry about, instead.
My own idea is slightly different however. I still look to these low scoring sides and make sure I miss the more prolific scorers.

I want to see the game reach the 60 minute mark with no more than one goal on the scoresheet. I then back the current score and the next two possible scores. So if the game stood at 0 – 1 (not a score I would use under other circumstances), the bet would be, back 0 – 1, 1 – 1 and 0 – 2. This can be done with some confidence with the right sides playing each other.
An alternative to this, is to back only the next two possible scores. This does have it’s merits. Not backing the current score will allow you more scope to cover two more "next scores" should one of the sidesscore a goal quicker than you would like. if you are more adventurous this is a good way to give extra cover,if it’s needed.

Keep away from sides that tend to score most of their goals late in the game and also check-out the head to head.
Also beware of teams on a STREAK. Especially when they are playing AWAY.

Below is a list of sides and the number of goals they’ve scored after the 60th minute, so far this season.


ARSENAL    13      MAN.CITY   11
A.VILLA     9      MAN. UTD   16
BLACKBURN   9      STOKE      13
BOLTON     20      TOTTENHAM  13
CHELSEA    15      W.B.A.     11
EVERTON     9      W.H.U.      7
FULHAM      6      WIGAN       9
LIVERPOOL   8      WOLVES      9.

It’s easy to see which teams to leave out of calculations from the above list. It should, of course, be updated as each game is played.
The above list is current upto and including Sunday 16th January. ‘Spurs v Man.U game excepted.