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BOTH TEAMS TO SCORE. Plus other thoughts.

Of late, I’ve noticed many online tipsters and strategists are putting a lot of thought into the BOTH TEAMS TO SCORE,
So the main question is, “where to start?”

What kind of teams should we choose and which ones do we avoid?
We need teams which score consistently. Teams which defend well must be avoided. Sounds easy enough. It’s when the two collide that there is some serious calculations to be made.
In general a HOME team should be expected to score at least once in a match. Usually the better the team the more they do score at home. So what we really need to find are away sides that score on a regular basis and HOME sides that concede regularly.
Presently there are EIGHT home sides which fit the bill conceding on average 1 1/2 goals per game.

Premiership teams conceding at home are:-

Chelsea, Norwich, Fulham, Wolves, Q.P.R., Wigan, Blackburn and Bolton,

Currently there are SIX away sides scoring an average of 1 1/2 goals or more each game.

High scoring away sides are the top five in the league table (as at 8/1/12), and ……. Blackburn Rovers.

Now the $64,000 question. How to use the info that is here?
It won’t give many bets if we wait for the various teams to meet at appropriate venues.
As I see it, each team should be looked at whenever it plays at an appropriate ground. (e.g. say when Norwich are at home, or Man. City are playing away). Then it’s experience that counts. We’re expecting Norwich to concede at home but are they capable of also scoring? Or are their opponents capable of keeping a clean sheet? A look at previous head-to-head will give some indication but recent form is a good guide too. The teams recent games need to be poured over and a decision made only when happy with the answers you’ve come up with.


We’ve arrived at the time of year when manager’s of the lower order clubs receive that dreaded “vote of confidence” from their chairman.
Sides sitting in the bottom three must be getting jittery about now. Stats tell us that at least one of the bottom three will be relegated.

So these three plus the next two above them need to pull up their socks. At present Bolton would seem to be favourites for the drop. Whilst they have a 25% win rate their loss figures (70%) are so discouraging. Should they lose Gary Cahill, as seems likely there defence could become very vulnerable. They also need some one to score regularly.

It’s useless to try to guess how future matches may pan-out. Too many variables. However in the past the number of points required to avoid relegation has varied from season to season. On occasions 38 points wasn’t enough to avoid the drop. This season shouldn’t be too different, although I do feel that thirty six points might well be the cut-off point.
The bottom five at present have at least a five point gap to bridge. Q.P.R. have a new manager who appears to have a fair sized bank-roll at his disposal. So it can be assumed that they will make a real effort to extend their stay at the top level for at least another season.

Wolves already have the players to keep them afloat. It just needs Mick McCarthy to find the right blend.
Wigan, at the moment, need three points to leapfrog into 16th place and stay there, at least. Not beyond them providing Rodallega finds his shooting boots again.
Blackburn, are I’m afraid, tailor-made for the drop. Their owners appear to be fishes out of water.  A more unlikely set of bedfellows lacking football experience, I’ve yet to see. It appears that they need more cash. Despite rebuttals from the owners.

The possible sale of Chris Samba, with London a likely destination would be a blow them. Also, they have Junior Hoilett running down his contract. Can they afford to wait until it expires in the summer and lose him and any potential transfer fee? The best they can hope for must surely be that they can get him to sign a new contract and then encourage him and Yakubu to sing from the same song-sheet.
For me the likeliest candidate for the drop must be Blackburn. The four teams above them have a long fight ahead to even give W.B.A. the slightest problem.

In the past eight seasons no team has been relegated that has won 20 points or more away from home. Last season Blackpool (19 pts), were very unlucky to go down when you consider their away record. A league table based purely on AWAY FORM. would have had them in TENTH PLACE. Not normally relegation form. However their HOME record let them down badly. An almost identical
situation might well occur this season. Bolton’s current AWAY record is three times better than it’s HOME record. So it’s entirely possible that Bolton could quite easily amass some 24 points away from home. (Projection on current record). However if they continue with their current home form they will almost certainly be Championship bound.

Which team(s) can string a few results together is a quandary for everyone to try to solve. it will though, be very interesting.

Expert in 48 hours?

How would I like to become an EXPERT TIPSTER in just 48 hours? What do you think? Who wouldn’t?
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This time I had a peek.

It offered to show me how to be, amongst many other things, a successful tipster. Good enough to sell my tips as an ongoing thing. All great stuff. However I would need to make my way to OXFORD for a two-day seminar. Oh and there was one other thing.

A charge of almost £1,500. Yes £1,500 to be taught by two INDUSTRY LEGENDS. Unfortunately in over fifty years of betting activity I’ve never heard of either of them.
Now they obviously expect to make this seminar pay. Why, though would anyone pay that sort of money for something they can find out for themselves if they are prepared to do the necessary hard work?

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