BTTS Betting – Both Teams to Score: League One

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

For some unknown reason both Npower leagues do not fair too well on the BTTS front. League One just managing 56% of BTTS. They do, however have a better return than League Two. At this point in time, teams have played 21 games. Bournemouth lead the way with 16 BTTS games. Leyton Orient bring up the rear with just 7 such games.

Goal totals with for and against split.

BTTS Goals - statistics League One

Team Goals GF/GA
Bournemouth 69 36/33
Carlisle 68 27/41
Coventry 61 33/28
Yeovil 61 30/31
Scunthorpe 60 21/39
Portmouth 60 27/33
Preston 59 32/27
Crawley 59 29/30
Bury 58 23/35
Walsall 58 23/35
Stevenage 56 29/27
Tranmere 56 38/18
Colchester 56 23/33
Crewe 55 27/28
Hartlepools 54 15/39
Shrewsbury 52 23/29
Notts. City 52 32/20
Brenford 52 31/21
Swindon 48 30/18
M.K. Dons 47 30/17
Doncaster 47 30/17
Sheff. Utd 47 29/18
Leyton. O. 47 24/23
oldham 46 22/24

These stats show that some sides are involved in games where goals are quite easy to come by. Some teams, like Bournemouth seem to indulge in scoring and conceding on a regular basis. However stats do indicate that some sides do defend quite competently. Others, however seem to find a little difficulty in actually scoring a goal. Hartlepools spring to mind.

Below is a listing of teams with their BTTS efforts. All teams have played twenty one matches.

Both Teams to Score - League One

Team BTTS Matches % of matches
Bournemouth 16 76%
Coventry 15 71%
Carlisle 15 71%
Bury 14 67%
Stevenage 14 67%
Preston 14 67%
Walsall 14 67%
Barentford 13 62%
Scunthorpe 13 62%
Porthmouth 13 62%
Shrewsbury 12 57%
Hartlepools 11 52%
Crawley 11 52%
Sheff. Utd 11 52%
Tranmere 11 52%
Oldham 10 48%
Colchester 10 48%
Notts. Cty 10 48%
Doncaster 10 48%
Swondon 8 38%
M. K. Dons 8 38%
Leyton. O 7 33%

Eleven of the sides listed above, have performed better than the average for the whole League One. These stats aren’t as clear cut as the two sets we’ve seen previously. Nevertheless they should prove useful to an experienced punter. Perhaps it may prove worthwhile sticking to the best eleven and either discard or otherwise depending on their opponents on a particular match day. It might also be worthwhile keeping a weather eye on those clubs which have an up and down type of record. Reliable one day but not the next.

Clubs showing a good consistent record of locking the opposition out, are definitely the kind to leave alone. There are four teams who have conceded less than 20 goals so far this season and only one of them has a better than 50% record BTTS-wise.

Use these figures together with your experience and give the bookie sa bashing and win yourself a few pounds towards those Christmas bills and expenses.

A general look at all the English top five leagues shows that a minimum expectation, on any match day, should be 50% of BTTS results. That in itself should be a good pointer to an even greater crop of money making possibilities.

Remember, bet sensibly. Only bet with money you can afford to lose. Best of luck.
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(This article was written on the December 20th by our expert Cyril but our editor was very busy and did not manage to publish until now. Sorry for that!)