Over 2.5 goals betting strategy (part 2)

Betting on Goals

Over 2.5 goals betting strategy (part 2)

This requires you to take a view. 
You find yourself a good "home" or a "bad" away.

Back Over 2.5 before kick-off
Then back to following Correct scores.
1 – 0 1 – 1 2 – 0.
The ideal way to cover the four outcomes is to dutch them to an overall stake.
Details in front of me for tonights game are…..

Over 2.5  odds 2.1      Stake 57.00     
1 – 0    ""    7.8      ""    15.25
1 – 1    ""    7.8      ""    15.25
2 – 0    ""    9.6      ""    12.50

Not outstanding odds. Nevertheless, Dutching to an outlay of 100.00 will give an overall return of just under 20.00 profit. assuming success, of course.

The main point of this strategy is that you really need to find a team which WON’T win.
Then you back against it. Naturally.
Experience has taught me that this should always be an away side. Just check the relevant stats.

Without any kind of "sifting", the three correct scores being used have winning percentages as follows.

Premiership.   78 wins out of 292 games. 30.0 %
Primera.       87             259        33.5
Serie "A".     88             288        30.5
Bundesliga.    59             234        25.2
La Liga.      100             277        36.1
Portugal.      63             183        34.4
Eredivision.   66             243        26.3

These figures may not impress some of you but remember not only do you have these Correct Scores on your side but
also any score of three or more goals. So in effect the only results which aren’t in our favour are,
0 – 0  0 – 1 and 0 – 2.
Now between them these will amount to only a small percentage of all results.
Check these out.

Premiership.     16.88%
Primera.         17.10
Serie "A"        20.68
Bundesliga.      18.93
La Liga.         20.55
Portugal.        24.59
Eredivision.     21.11.

From these percentages it’s pretty clear that using up-to-date stats and experience you should be able to find a reasonable number of good bets. The one "sore thumb" that sticks out a mile is Portugal. Virtually one in four games goes the "wrong way". 
So for me the leagues to use will be, Premiership, Primera and Bundesliga.

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