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Cyril's Betting Advice

Recently I read a piece about times of goals being scored. It was written by someone well up in the football writers hierarchy. He noted what were the best times for goals being scored in the Premiership and football in general. I am very surprised that he talked in terms of 15 minute periods. When you look at the goal spread stats, it’s more than vital to study in terms of 5 minutes blocks. Liverpool for instance, have scored 5 goals in the first 15 minutes so far this season. However 3 of them have come in the first 5 minute period. How handy would this be for those who back a team to score in the first 10 minutes. On the other hand there are those teams who take time to warm up to the job of scoring goals.

A close study of the goal spread times can only be an advantage to anyone who has such an interest. As might be realised, the best 5 minute spread in the first half of matches is generally 41 to 45 minutes. This season however, 16 to 20 minutes period is as proficient.
These figures are from the first thirteen games this season. Not a large sample , obviously but just to give an idea of when and where the balls are hitting the net.

Time of goals stats - First Half

1/5 6/10 11/15 16/20 21/25 26/30 31/35 36/40 41/45 1st Half total
17 12 11 21 18 15 12 14 21 141

Time of goals stats - Second Half

46/50 51/55 56/60 61/65 66/70 71/75 76/80 81/85 86/90 2nd Half total
12 20 24 17 16 15 23 23 36 190

How do these figures stack-up with your previous thoughts? I doubt many would expect to see so many early goals. Obviously some teams are being caught cold.

It’s the second quarter hour period that shows some kind of pattern emerging. Teams have taken their time weighing-up the opposition and then decide it’s time to strike.

Naturally, the last 5 minute period should be the best for goals. It usually is but at present has to share that title with 16/20 minutes. One thing worth noting is that Man. City are still on the ball each 5 minutes before and after half-time.

The second half is much as we can expect Goals coming in the first and as always the last 15 minute spells. The last 5 minutes on paper can be as much as 10 minute or very occasionally a little more. So don’t read too much into the 36 as it is a little distorted.

General figures for the 15 minute periods ahowing the number of games in which goals are scored in that period are as follows

1/15 mins 29%. 16/30 mins 31%. 31/45 mins 36%. 46/60 mins 36% 61/75 mins 37%. 76/90 mins 45%.

Here we see that the last 15 minutes of each half claim most successes, only to be expected tho’.

A further set of stats may well be of interest.

These cover 16 seasons. Goals have been scored in 29% of games in the first 15 mins. 31% had goals in the next 15 minute period and 36% running up to half-time.
The first third of the second half there were goals in 36% of games, followed by 37% in the second third. The final third, quite naturally returning, by far the largest total, 45%. So no matter how drab a game may be, there’s almost a one in two chance of a goal late on to round things off.

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