An update on over 2.5 goals betting

Updates and some Scoring info.

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

Last season I looked at two particular markets. Both teams to score and Over 2.5 goals. Enough of the season has passed to give us an inkling of what may follow. Should be interesting.

Both Teams to Score, Premiership. 18 matches played by each team.

Heading the list are three sides who have been involved in 11 games in which both sides scores. Liverpool, Man. Utd and Man. City. The full list is as follows

11 games Liverpool, Man. U and Man. C
10 games Chelsea, W.B.A., Arsenal, Fulham and Newcastle.
 9 games Everton
 8 games Southampton, Sunderland, Swansea, Stoke, Norwich and Hull.
 7 games Aston Villa and Cardiff.
 6 games W.H.U. and ‘Spurs.
 5 games Crystal Palace.

Of course with the season only about to reach half-way, these stats could well be subject to some drastic changes. The main thing tho’ is that it will be easy to keep this list up to date over the next twenty games each side faces.

OVER 2.5 goals.

In general there has been a fall-off in the number of games going OVER 2.5 goals. The answer to this problem isn’t clear. Although the lack of AWAY victories so far this season may be partly to blame. Below I have listed the sides who have played when at least 50% of games have gone OVER.

Premiership after 18 games played by each team.

Over 2.5 Goals - involved Team

Team In Total Home Away
Man. City 78.8% 88.9% 66.7%
Liverpool 72.2% 66.7% 77.8%
Newcastle 66.7% 55.6% 77.8%
Fulham 61.1% 66.7% 55.6%
Man. Utd. 61.1% 33.3% 88.9%
Chelsea 55.6% 66.7% 55.6%
Arsenal 50.0% 33.3% 66.7%
Everton 50.0% 55.6% 44.4%
Sunderland 50.0% 66.7% 33.3%
Swansea 50.0% 77.6% 22.2%
W.H.U. 50.0% 55.6% 44.4%

Worth mentioning, at HOME Cardiff a decent 55.6% rate. AWAY Aston Villa and Stoke City also have 55.6% records. Going a little further on scoring rates Liverpool and Man, City have taken part in 66.7% of games having OVER 3.5 goals, at HOME. Liverpool and Man. Utd have identical 66.7% of games going OVER 3.5 GOALS AWAY. Followed by Man. City and Stoke City both returning 55.6%.

This list will also be easy to keep adjusting, week by week.

CORRECT SCORES in the Premiership over 180 games.

This season games are being played out with a slightly lower average number of goals than in the immediate past couple of seasons. As is usual some half a dozen scores rule the roost. However if we delve just a little deeper we can see that over two thirds of games have no more than THREE goals in them.

Top Scores.

0 – 0 19
1 – 0 19
2 – 0 18
0 – 1 15
1 – 1 14
1 – 2 11
2 – 1 10
0 – 2  6
0 – 3  6
3 – 0  4.   Total 122. 67.7%

This leaves 58 (32.2%) games where MORE than THREE goals are scored.

Just a small amount of research and study should be enough to put you on the road to a few good Correct Score winning bets.

Remember, only stake what you can afford to lose. Any problems and is there to help.